Friday, March 19, 2010

How does yo garden grow, baby!

Pretty freaking great, if you ask me! This is exciting because it's our first garden. At our apartment, we had no dirt. Now we have dirt. Not just dirt...soil! And now we have things growing in our soil!!
I shouldn't take much credit for the cool things growing in our backyard, since the Man turned the soil, planted the seeds, and does the majority of the watering. I'm terrible, I know.


Some peas are looking a little sad, but they'll be okay. Then we have broccoli, spinach, green leaf lettuce, and carrots. There's something else growing in the row between the peas and broccoli but I can't remember what it is. It's just barely poking its head out.

Luuuvely lettuce! And carrots.

We're planting tomatoes in the next garden box soon. We also have some bell peppers that survived from the last gardeners, but none of the peppers are big enough yet.
Soon we'll have some home-grown goodness. I can't wait.


Patrice said...

So Jealous . . . I need that cool garden box!

Lori said...

Awesome AMY you have your mom's garden thumb! Looks great will taste even better!

Kassi Jane said...

good job! i want to do a garden this year!

Marilyn said...

YAY! It looks SO great!