Friday, March 5, 2010

Rejection Letter

Well, I got another one. This one is even worse than the last thirty or so. It's worse because they liked the story. They might have signed me on. I might have had this book published within the year. But they already had an author with a mermaid story too similar to this one.

Why is this a problem, you ask?

This one was supposed to be one of a kind. The breakout novel. The one everyone's been waiting for. The fresh, new story. The one that began a whole new trend.

I was so sure that that's what this one would be. Well, I don't know now. Maybe yes, maybe no.

But here it is. As part of a tradition that I started three rejections ago, I have burned it.

This company required a lot of detailed information (marketing proposal, sales handle, promotion ideas, chapter-by-chapter synopsis, the works). But it didn't go to waste! Because I had all this stuff written down, I was able to use it for the next company. I sent a query letter to them that same day...

along with more hopes and dreams.

So here's to treating myself to one more girl scout cookie and never giving up.



Mari said...

Girl, you deserve a whole box of cookies, not just one! Burn baby burn!

Marilyn said...

But they LIKED IT!!! There's hope in Zion!

Patrice said...

Man, I am sure it is hard not to get discouraged. Just keep swimming!

Unknown said...

Keep your chin up. Great idea to burn the letter. No point keeping bad vibes around. :)