Friday, April 16, 2010

Ah, Fitzwilliam

I went to mum's house today. She let me use her wicked cool washer and drier. I also worked on a project that shall remain unnamed because it's for my future SIL.

And we watched Pride and Prejudice! the good one.

All six hours of it! Tres fun.

While we were watching, mum pointed out how similar Mr. Darcy is to my man. Oh yes, ladies. All he needs is super sexy chops-style sideburns (and breeches, coat, and cravat, but he wouldn't be caught dead in such attire) and he'd be your classic Regency stud.

He hates dancing, he's cute, he's quiet, he's honorable and loyal and also quite shy. a trait I had mistaken for indifference when I first met him.

So... sorry ladies. Fitzwilliam is taken. But Superman, Prince Charming, Edward Cullen, and Romeo might still be available.


Marilyn said...

And sorry that I snoozed for a lot of it---SO tired. But I'm always a sucker for Mr. Darcy.

Kassi Jane said...

that is so cute! can my man please be prince charming!