Thursday, April 8, 2010

Don't bother the Writer! episode 2

Tonight, I am doing a Write-a-Thon sponsored by Precision Editing Group. For four straight hours, I am going to sit with a pile of notes and maybe some M & M's and a HUGE glass of water, and I am going to

I'm working on a novel yet to be titled. It's a modern revision of Phantom of the Opera. (Hopefully it'll be engaging, dark, and beautiful sorta like Gerard Butler's portrayal of the Phantom... ahem...)

So between the hours of 6  and 10 tonight, you 
cannot get a hold of me.

Yahoo!!! 5,000 words or BUST!


La la said...

Thats so cool!!!!
Let me know how it goes!

Patrice said...

Man, I could never get the uninterupted hours. Good luck! Hopefully we'll get to read your writing some day.

Rie Teemant said...

Way to go! When are you going to send me the pages! (PS, I know I'm horrid, but I got logged down with assignments and will be finishing Streets of Elengard today. Email me and let me know if the first page on there has your current address!!!)