Saturday, April 17, 2010

I must be like jello

I think I'm getting stronger. I got another rejection letter yesterday and I didn't even cry! I didn't even care! Maybe cuz I have a plan. Or a support system. 

Or maybe, like jello, my determination is becoming set. My resolve is getting firm. My goals are taking shape, even though they might still be a little wobbly.

I am like jello. 
Green jello.
With sprite in it.


Chess said...

Rejection letters? From what? Schools you are applying to? Well, watching Glee will help you. Absolutely. Rent the DVD and catch up. It is SOOOO worth it!

Rie Teemant said...

Or you just know you're talented and don't need a publisher or agent to verify the fact. Keep on going! It will happen for you! I know it!

Marilyn said...

Hey-I read the other day that Anita Stansfield started writing at 16 and didn't get published until age 32---so there's still hope. (although her books are somewhat lameish---)

jen said...

LOL, green jello with Sprite. Love that. Keep at it girl!