Friday, April 2, 2010

What did you do for April Fools Day?

Me and the receptionist at the dental office where I work thought we'd play a joke on our boss. We got some disappearing ink in a cute little goody basket from one of the specialists, so we used that, put a little puddle of it onto the BRAND new countertop, placed a pen beside it, and I went and told Dr. T that the receptionist needed to talk to him about something. So he goes in there, doesn't see the spilled ink, doesn't notice it until I gasp and point it out. Was I over-acting? Heck no! I was fabulous! But Dr. T calmly wiped the ink off the counter top. Me and the other girls started laughing. Dr. T barely blinked an eye.
He said I gave the joke away when I pointed it out.
Very anti-climactic.
I was so bummed. No, bummed isn't the right word. Completely miffed and offended. Yeah. miffed that he had NO reaction!!!! Are you kidding me? After putting up with your teasing, needling, and bossing me around for the last seven years, I don't even get a reaction out of you because of some spilled ink on your brand new countertop???? sheesh!!

So what'd you do for April fool's day?


Chess said...

Haha, I'm terrible at playing it cool too. I definitely think you need to post the picture of the mulleted woman! :)

Rie Teemant said...

I thought of a really REALLY good one... on April 2nd! I'm going to pull it next year, so I can't say. hehehe

Marilyn said...

Nada. absolutely nada.