Friday, October 1, 2010

ok, ok, I guess I better post

Thanks for the responses to my last post. Writers are like the ahem "ladies." We need all the "support" we can get.

First of all I need to let you down easy by telling you I won't be posting more of the story. I intend to publish this one day in book form and putting too much on the internet sort-of counts as already having "published" it. I think potential publishing companies may frown on that.
I don't know if it will ever get picked up by a publisher, but who knows? Greater miracles have happened in the past.

But I will tell you this much, just so you don't feel like you've been totally ripped off. And because I'm horrible at keeping secrets when it comes to my stories.

The voice Ellie heard singing was, of course, this story's equivalent of a "phantom." He's not a disfigured, evil dude with major mirror issues who is twice her age. Remember, I'm giving this story my own unique, modern twist. There will be some differences, but also some similarities: He won't be twice her age.
He will of course, have his issues and a past. He will be mysterious, a genius, have little conscience, and crave the darkness more than the day. But he won't be a gross old man. (Ever compared the stage phantom to the cinematic phantom? Umm... hellooooo Gerard Butler!)

The person who surprised Ellie in the middle of the impromptu performance is this story's "Madame Giry." She's a teacher at the school and similar to the original tale, she's somewhat privy to the "phantom's" comings and goings. Her name is Mrs. Leroux. The name gives tribute to the story's original author, Gaston Leroux.

Who, incidentally, shares my same birthday. :)

This weekend will be busy. A doctor's appointment, a white coat ceremony at the Man's dental school, then of course General Conference tomorrow (and on Sunday, but I never write on Sunday anyway so that doesn't count). Hopefully I'll be able to find the time to work on the story some more so we can get it finished and submitted asap.

Thanks again for the encouragement, guys!


What I Did Today said...

Conference!!! Woohoo! Super excited! And I really hope that you get your story published soooooooooooooooon, because now I'm all intrigued.

Saimi said...

Ahh, now you're gonna have to make me wait for your book!

I love conference weekend!!