Monday, February 14, 2011

15 Things I Love...

about the Man

15. His taste in women.
oh, come on, you know you girls love that about your hubbies too.
14. The way he speaks German.
Who'd've thought a language that sounds like you're trying to hawk a loogie could be so sexy? No offense intended to Germans. Love your country!
13. How smart he is with finances 
 seriously,  the dude could get Obama out of debt.
12. He likes loading the dishwasher and hates unloading it
I like unloading the dishwasher and hate loading it. We're so stinkin perfect for each other.
11. His smile
lights up my universe
10. His love of cars
it's so cute. And we're going to have nice ones one day. :)
9. His sideburns
I know it sounds weird, but... the guy can rock the sideburns. woo!
8. His sense of humor
I'm sorry... but you just can't deny that farts are funny.
which goes along with #3
 7. His love and commitment to me
He's no Romeo, but I like that. His quiet, or sometimes silly devotion is exactly what I need.
6. How hard-working he is  
getting into dental school is no picnic. Neither is working a job you don't like while plowing through undergrad until getting accepted into dental school.
5. How patient he is 
you have to be to deal with the Miss Emotionally High-Maintenance Drama Queen-of-Everything over here. that's me.
4. How well he takes care of me when I'm sick.
remember appendectomy, pregnancy, bed-rest, c-section, stomach flu, cold... ? the list goes on. And on.
3. The way he can make me laugh when I'm sad.
this happens a lot lately.
2. What a fantastic father and uncle he is.
He always says me and Ella are his favorites. And he's so good to our nieces and nephews, I know he'll be a wonderful father for the rest of the kiddos that come along.
1. His honor
he is one of the most upright, honorable men I know.

These are just 15 things among many. Even though he and I agreed that Valentine's Day is kind of a lame holiday where chocolate, flower, perfume, and diamond companies try to scrape out a little more profit after the holidays are over, I had to post how much I love this man and I'm so grateful he's in my life.

Here he is at Ethan's Run with his "Remembering Ella" Ladybug shirt.


Chess said...

Awww, that's a nice list! He's a lucky man to have you.

Let's also be grateful that Valentine's Day wasn't always so commercial, and that most people are wonderful to each other every day. :)

Amy Legler said...

You sure did get a great one Amy! PS - thanks for making me smile with your cute humor, I really needed it today. Love you girl!

Lindsey said...

What an awesome post! I'm so glad you found your prince charming!

Marilyn said...

What? He's no ROMEO? What? Awwww.......
JK-he's better than Romeo, better than Prince Charming, better than Edward even! cuz he loves you!

Jessica said...

When you wrote the woo...under #9, I totally heard your voice say it - HA! Bret is awesome. Can I add one? Well, it goes alone with some of yours too. I love that he is an awesome friend to me and Chris, I love to hang out with him and hear his funny stories. He is so logical about life and he is an amazing uncle. Cardon loves him! Oh, and I am so glad he is married to you so he can be my brother :)

jen said...

LOVE this post! Bret is awesome and we are dang happy to have him around. And yes he is SO GOOD with the kids. They adore him.

What I Did Today said...

What a lovely list. So glad you got such a great guy. I really wish he COULD get Obama out of debt. :)

Carrie said...

Looks like you got a winner!

Courtney B said...

This is so sweet!!
I am loving reading your blog!

Suzie said...

so wonderfully said!
Good things ahead for you and your little family. I just know it.