Thursday, October 27, 2011


Some things bring me joy.
Harry Potter is one of them.
Winning contests is another.

Our apartment complex is having a jack-o-lantern contest tomorrow.
I'll be in Mesa all day because of an appointment and work.
So I carved the pumpkin today and Bret will display it on our porch tomorrow for the judging.

I decided to carve Hogwarts Castle.
Because I knew it would be as my brother would say
or, freaking awesome.

Here's my process:
My victim pumpkin. 4 bucks at Wal-Mart
I think it was cross-bred with a spaghetti squash. 
Really, I'm serious. The inside had the exact same texture. Annoying.

My weapons instruments. 
Yes, those are old dental instruments.
Don't worry, they're clean. And invaluable with carving details.

Sketched in my design with some dry-erase markers.
Easily wipes off.

Partway through the carving process
Sorry it's so dark.

And finally, the finished product.
There's an HP carved backwards on the back of the pumpkin to achieve the cool spotlight effect.

 And only one casualty...

Think I'll win?


Kaci Uipi said...

pretty good! Very original idea that's for sure

BekahCat said...

I've honestly never carved a pumpkin before... Is it difficult? I think I should give it a go this year!

Rie Teemant said...

Dude... that is wicked sweet! BRAVO! I especially love the touch of the HP on the back. Brilliant darling!

Lindsey Smith said...

That is awesome!!!! Wish I could see it.

Jennie said...

That looks fantastic. I am impressed, it sure beats my pumpkins. And I am loving the HP in the back!

Saimi said...

Aren't you a clever girl!! You'll be a winner for sure!!

Chess said...

Um that's AMAZING. Totally blows my Prince Eric pumpkin right outta the water.

Unknown said...

AMAZING! That's talent right there :)

Unknown said...

That is so cool

heather said...

That is amazing! If you don't win I want to see the pumpkin that does!

A. B. said...

Wow. That is amazing! I can barely do a face!

The Clawson's said...

Amy that's awesome! I actually tried carving one this year & it's super hard!

Darci Cole said...

You astound me.


That is all.


Carrie said...

awesome job! We are going to a pumpkin carving party tonight and I just texted my husband.."CRAP-- do we even HAVE a pumpkin?"

Hope you have a wicked weekend.

Leenie said...

Yes! Looks awesome. Hopefully you win. You got some mad talent.