Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Oh boy, do I have some excellent blackmail pictures of this girl.
But I won't post them.
Because I'm a nice sister like that.

Soooo tempting though....


My younger sister Jessica is one of my best friends. Which is funny, because when we were little, we almost always hated each other. I didn't like it when she'd come play with me and my friends (but of course it was perfectly okay for me, the bigger, older, cooler sister to tag along with her friends) and I was always whining if she wouldn't let me borrow her clothes.
Sister of the year, I was.

Today, I am so glad to say that our warfaring past is behind us and we celebrate an awesome relationship. Her blog, The Secret Life of B's, has lots of wonderful recipe ideas (she's a chef, people. A CHEF.), tons of silly pictures of her extremely cute and endlessly entertaining 2-year old, and all around fun stuff.

 (I'm the fat one)

So cute!

Some facts about Jessica:
~Born on January 2nd even though she was due Christmas Day
~She's not a morning person
~She's organized
~I used to call her Arwen because she looks like her. Why'd I let that die out? That was fun.
~Married her hubby six years ago... baby #2 on the way!
~Graduated from ASU with a degree in Nutrition
~She has the best victory dance ever. Wish I had a video of it. Picture a cross between Napoleon Dynamite and the Elaine dance from Seinfeld. 

Love you, Jess!! You're the best. Can't wait to meet your new little one in a few months!


Jessica said...

OK - so no one, I mean NO ONE but you has seen my victory dance. And I don't plan on displaying that anytime soon. LOL. I loved the post. :) Thanks so much for doing that for me....and when I saw your (i'm the fat one) I immediately thought of Robin Hood - Seize the Fat one!

p.s. you are NOT fat! :)

love you - no matter how many times you stole my shirts and didn't wash them and didn't let me play with you and katie even though I let you always play with my friends. YOu are amazing and I am SO grateful you are my sister. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooooxoxxoo

Jennie said...

Thats sweet. It reminds me of my sisters, in the fact that my sisters are my best friends also. Sisters' bond is an amazing thing!

Saimi said...

Sister's are the BEST!! You're both darling!!

Carrie said...

Oh younger sisters are the best! Sadly, my sister is 7 years younger and it hasn't been until recently that we have "gotten along." So I love hearing about relationships like yours!