Friday, March 9, 2012

Lazy butt

Oh my poor riveted readers. What do you do with yourselves? Wondering every day when Amy is going to post.
I should be ashamed of myself to keep you waiting.




I've been super lazy with blogging lately. I've been reading other blogs, just haven't kept up on mine. I even have pictures to post. But they're on my phone. And posting them would take effort. Wow, I'm a real trooper, aren't I.

So here's the dish:
Okay, okay I'll upload the pics.

I got this cute H &M shirt from Rubbish, an online thrift store by Meredith. 5 bucks, including shipping! Thanks, Meredith. I loooove my shirt.
1. 20 weeks. Little Abraxas Fitzwilliam (I came up with that this morning. Facebook friends will have seen it before. Brilliant, isn't it?) is getting more active. It seems like just when I start feeling concern about him being still for too long, he gives me a little jab or two as though to say "still here, Mama. Stop your worry-warting."
This is the "cute" side of my belly. The rest of me is so not cute. Trust me.

2. We celebrated Oreo's 100th Birthday this week. We never buy Oreos. Like, ever. But we caved when we saw a commercial and thought, ohhh that looks good. One quick run to Wal-mart later, we were happily dunking and eating those delightful little cookies.
And I wondered if the guy discovered the recipe by burning the brownies.
Because even though Oreos are delish, that's kind of what they taste like.
"Woops, I burned the brownies. Dangit, what am I going to do? Ah ha! It'll be okay, I'll just soften them up by dunking them in a cup of milk first."
*chomp chomp*
"Mmm, this is actually really good! But it would be even better with a little bit of creamy stuff on it. Just to sweeten it even more."
*smearing cream*
*chomp chomp*
"Mmmmm.... I got three words for you. Ur-eek-ah!"
And thus the Oreo was born. From a burnt brownie.
Okay, I don't think that's true, but you never know.

3. I'm making two maxi skirts. Those things are just too fun. The first one is sea-green and has a diagonal knit pattern to it, so I tried to make it into a chevron-type zig-zag pattern.
And I cut it too small. Yeah, take the measurements the girl with no butt and a pre-pregnancy size 2 gives you and double it.  It'll be okay though. I bought more fabric and intend to add more panels. It'll add to the style of the skirt, I'm sure. And I'll just hate my butt for a sec.
I'll post pictures of that when they're done and include the link for the tutorial. I got it off Pinterest. Wow, look at me! I'm actually doing something from Pinterest instead of just pinning and admiring and commenting on it! Yay!

4. Speaking of Pinterest, I want to create a "tried and true" board, but with a cuter title. It'll be things I've tried and were successful. And opposite that, a "tried and denied" board. (I like that title) It'll be stuff that I made an attempt at and it didn't go so well.
Like drying fresh strawberries in my oven. Meh. They were good when they were hot, but once they cooled, they were half dry and half cold strawberry mush. Yuck. Going to try fruit roll ups next time.


Darci Cole said...

Shoot, I'm sad that the dried strawberries didn't work out, I really wanted to try that too. Your skirt sounds super cute! Can't wait to see it... and that name is awesome. I'm assuming that's his nickname for while he's in the tummy? Or is that his permanent title? Either way, it's still awesome :-)

The Clawson's said...

Tried the Fruit roll ups. MAke sure you strain the seeds out. I didn't & it was a little too much crunching. Did that make sense. Meh.

Heather said...

"Stop worry-warting mom!" :) Amen. Enjoy this sweet babe Amy, enjoy this time.

Your bump is darling and I am so excited for your family. Mr. A. Fitzwilliam is so loved already.

Oreos are the devil, especially the mint ones, my personal favorite.

La la said...

Oh oh oh, new wait to eat oreo's:
-Insert fork into cream in between the crunch cookie shell
-Once secure dip into milk holding the whole thing in the milk until the air bubbles stop bubbling
-Remove from milk and enjoy a perfectly saturated cookie!
Its ah-may-zing.

Saimi said...

I missed Oreo's birthday, dang!! I might have to do a belated celebrating, you know, to show my support and all!

Love your cute belly, sounds like he's going to be an active little guy!!

What I Did Today said...

Love the belly. So cute. You're halfway there! That's so awesome. And I just love accomplishing projects or recipes I've pinned. Pinterest is too much fun. And I agree with Heather. Mint Oreos are little pieces of heaven.

Steve and Kelsey and Alex! said...

Good to know about the strawberries! I almost tried them the other day.

Unknown said...

Yay for great online finds! Now I'm craving Oreos...

Carrie said...

super cute post! And the Oreo' ureka in history! But totally a burnt brownie. For sure. I sometimes get the Newman's Own because it makes me feel better about the fact that it isn't AS bad for me, but it tastes even more burnt :) That's why milk is always involved.

Meredith said...

you look so cute in it!! love the name too ;)

Heather Feather said...

I can't wait to see the maxis you're making! I love your idea of pinterest boards of things you've done and like and things you've done and didn't like. I might use your idea!

Alesha said...

Look at all the stuff you have going on! GO YOU! And your bump is adorable!

mandyface said...

1.Your belly is delicious.
2. Oreos are adorable.
{or you can switch those}
Also, I started making a maxi skirt for myself...about a year ago. Still unfinished lol

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Look at you all cute bellied. Love it!

Hubby celebrated Oreo's birthday by eating them all! Grrr......

Hmm.... I need to find you on Pinterest.