Friday, April 6, 2012

Remember the old bucket list?

I've got 30 more days to complete it.

30 days, people!! 30 days until I'm 30!
What the heck happened?
I'm still a kid, how can I be 30?

Well, anyway. It's happening whether I like it or not. And there are a few things left on my list that I need to do. Some of them, I crossed off because I physically/financially canNOT do them. Or they aren't emotionally important to me anymore. The numbers are off because that's the number they were on my original list:

3. Bring at least one soul unto Jesus Christ.
4. Finish writing a book.
5. Land an agent/publisher.
7. Visit the Harry Potter Theme Park.
8. Choreograph just one more dance.
11. Meet a bloggy friend in person.
12. Start an etsy shop.
13. Eat a meal at The Melting Pot. fondue = yum
14. Have a complete Harry Potter movie marathon.
15. Hike a trail in Sedona, AZ.
16. Complete a 10k race.
17. Get a makeover.
19. Spend more quality time with my parents
22. Buy a brand new car.
23. Lose ten more pounds Ha! more like GAIN twenty.
26. Be an extra in a Hollywood film.
27. Attend a temple session in a temple other than the Mesa one.
28. Ride the Phoenix Metro Light Rail.

So I've got some things to do. Quite a lot of things, actually. Buying a brand new car is going to be easy. I'm going to buy one for my boy. A toy one, people come on. What do you take me for?
I'd appreciate help with the "meet a bloggy buddy" one. How 'bout one or more of you come down to good ole AZ before it turns to h-e-double-hockeysticks and hang out with me?
just in case you were going to anyway.
no pressure.

I just realized, I HAVE met a bloggy buddy! At least, she read my blog. (and I am now a follower of hers). How could I forget about sweet Theresa from Whales? I'll cross that one off my list even though I would never say no to meeting another bloggy buddy :)


Momza said...

ok you can do some of these this weekend!
#4. Write a children's story in a day. Or write the story of your journey to becoming pg to your current baby. You can do this on with their photoshop--add pics and do the journalling. Should be less than $20.00. I've done it before and it's way easy.
#17. Go to A make-up store--Sephora, or Ulta, or even Dillards! They can do that lickety split!
#14. Pop some corn, grab the movies and pop them on...have hubby rub your feet while they're up!
19. Invite your folks over to your house for dinner!
#15. Sedona has lots of easy trails. Pack a lunch and head north.
That's five. You can do it!
The rest will come in time. Maybe make #13 your first planned date after the baby is born?

heather said...

So, if you come to Colorado you could meet Momza (#11) (I probably don't count because, obviously, we've met.) We could check off #14 together no problem... (we could do this virtually if we have to.) I promise to see to it that #17 is accomplished, and #27 too. SO there. Come to Colorado!

Darci Cole said...

4. What are you talking about - you HAVE finished books! Do you mean another one? How's Chasm coming?

11. Do you not follow Mom the Intern? She lives here in Mesa... or my friend Erica of Good Job Momma... I'm not sure who all you follow, so I guess I'm not much help.

14. I want to have a HP movie marathon with you. I'll make popcorn.

27. Snowflake or Gila Valley - make a day trip out of it!

28. Just pick an afternoon and go do it.

You're amazing! You can finish! Go Amy!

Jennie said...

Your bucket list is pretty darn fun! Makes me wish I was in AZ to do them with you... makes me wish I've actually met you! haha. Next time I am in AZ visiting my mom, I am totally looking you up. You can do it all though, cause you are amazing! Enjoy you last days of the 20's, I've heard that the 30's can be pretty great.

Alesha said...

30 days you better get crackin! HA That is a good list!