Saturday, February 2, 2019

Ok, I really need to post more

I'm pitching a class to teach at the ANWA conference in September.

How's that for an introduction after such a long break? ANWA (American Night Writer's Association) is a group of writers, mostly women (not all), mostly members of the Church of Jesus of Latter-Day Saints (also not all). Last year, I decided I wanted to get back into writing. I felt a pull. More than just a desire; it was like a call. So I started up again. And I went to the ANWA writer's conference in September.

Oh. My. Gosh. I'd found my tribe. This group of people, all at different ages, skill levels, professional stages of accomplishment, were INCREDIBLE!! So supportive, so nice, so nerdy like me. I made new friends, most of whom I communicate with on Facebook, and got so much motivation to dive more deeply into the writing world.

So when they sent out the call for class pitches, I knew I wanted to teach. I really like teaching (when it's a subject everyone is interested in and I don't have to grade homework all day). But what could I teach? I'm not a published author. I've just been doing this for a long, long time. I've been making up stories since I was a kid and started my first novel in high school 20 years ago (oh my word, don't even ask about that first novel. It'll never, ever see the light of day).

Anyway, to make a very long story short, I discovered a subject I thought I could teach and started the pitch. I needed to enter a blog or website address. Umm... I haven't updated in like, over a year!

So here's my little update! (I hope to continue keeping up with this, just to get some writing practice in. Get juices flowing. That kind of stuff).

Bret is working hard at the dental practice. Still loving his work and being amazing at taking care of people. He was called to be the bishop of our ward last November (three weeks after I'd just had major surgery). It's been... interesting. Definitely challenging, but I've seen some great blessings happen. He's also building a shed in our back yard. From scratch. People, the man is freaking talented.

Dragonfly is in first grade. He struggled a lot with homework at first but he's back into a good rhythm and he's doing great. He's a sweet boy and loves to be helpful except when it comes to cleaning his room. He loves doing art and helping his daddy with fixing the motorcycles. He also loves to ride bikes and play with friends. He still won't touch potatoes in any shape or form.

Bumblebee is snuggled up next to me as we speak, holding his Mimi (his blanket Great-Granny gave him when he was born), and sucking his thumb. His smile and his beautiful brown eyes light up the world! He's currently in preschool and LOVING it!! He loves going on "adventures" and riding his big brother's scooter (the three-wheeled one he got for Christmas isn't fast enough. Facepalm).

Butterfly is almost 2. She gets into everything. She's curious, she's fearless (except when it comes to Santa Claus), and she's sassy. She's talking up a storm. And like her nickname, she's a total social butterfly, charming the crap out of everyone she meets.

Me? Working on a few novels. One is a sequel, one is a retelling. And I picked up another old, completed project for fun and I'm going through it with a fine-toothed comb. I'm also running (it's my therapy). I did a half marathon a year ago and I'm gearing up to do another one this fall. Trying to work on being a better wife and mom while always on the lookout for a new show to binge while I fold laundry. Right now it's Gilmore Girls.

My goals: love my family fiercely. Finish two novels. Teach at ANWA. Run a half marathon.

Wow. I've never typed all that out before. Here's to goals, adventures, and keeping this ole infernal journal updated.


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