Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Rambling, to get me through

It's about 8 am on a Wednesday. I ran 4 miles this morning in 34º weather (all the people in the northerly country are either laughing or giving this Arizona girl really dirty looks right now). My lungs hate me during the winter. My legs hated me on this run. My whole body is just TIRED.

I ate a great breakfast: 2 egg whites, 1 whole egg, spinach, turkey, and a side of grapefruit. I enjoyed every bite. And craved bread.


I wanna get out of the house but it's freaking cold (fist bump thin blooded desert rats). I'm tired. Holy crap I want some bread.

Okay, okay, deep breath, woman. Here's my plan of attack: I'm going to go take some vitamins. I'm going to let the kids watch TV while I take a nice, hot shower. I'm going to put on the thickest sweats I have and go organize my office. I like organizing. I'm going to plot my novels in my head while I do it. I'm going to text a girlfriend and invite her and the kids over to play.

If I'm still dying after all that, I'm going to eat a spoonful of almond butter. That always helps.

Thanks for reading. Feeling better now.

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