Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Each day on Facebook this month, I posted something I was thankful for. Some of them were deep, others were small and simple. All of it counts! So I thought it would be fun to recap and list the things I posted so far (for the month of giving thanks isn't over yet!)

~I'm thankful for the Gospel
~I'm thankful for my mom
~Today I am so, SO grateful that I passed my glucose test. Wahoo!!!
~I am grateful for my amazing, patient, hilarious hubby.
~I am thankful for my sisters.
~I am thankful for a well-made BLT.
~Today, I am thankful for doctors.
~I am grateful for family.
~Today, I am grateful for coincidences, or as I like to call them, "anonymous miracles" from the Lord. I know you've heard me say that before. :)  
~Even though it's very, very hard sometimes, today I am grateful for my job. 
~I'm grateful that four years ago, I married my best friend.
~I'm grateful for this incredible weather. 
~I'm thankful for President Monson
~I'm thankful for miracles. this was posted on the day the full results of the amnio came back normal.
~Today, I'm thankful for the end of the day, a bowl of cereal, and to have Microsoft Word back on my computer.
 ~Today, I'm grateful for several things: the Man making dinner, a hot shower, and Psych being on tonight.
 ~I am grateful for a wonderful time at the movies. Harry Potter 7 is... ahem... amazing!!
~Today I am thankful for Mom having leftover spaghetti stroganoff in her fridge that me and big brother finished off. I'm also thankful for having a fun day hanging out with the Man, and leaving the doctor's office with a smile and a cute picture of our baby!
~I'm grateful for my sweet little niece Z, who got baptized! 
~Grateful (again) for incredible weather... it rained that day.
~Thankful that eggs have protein since I've become a pregnancy-induced vegetarian. 
~Thankful for Vanessa, who filled in for me at work so i could go to the doctor.
~Grateful for half-days. 

And today:
 I am thankful for... gee, where do I start??
I am grateful for gratitude because it gets us through the hard times.
I am grateful for people I love. Every single one of you. You know who you are.
I am grateful for smiles and that cozy, apple-cinnamon holiday feeling.
And I am grateful for my strong little baby who has already brought us closer together as a family. I love you so much, my sweet Ladybug.

And of course, I am grateful for Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, the power of prayer, fasting, and temples, and for all my friends and family who may not have yet been mentioned in my daily Facebook posts.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Eat lots of turkey.


Saimi said...

Definitely much to be thankful for!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Chess said...

I'm grateful for you too! You are one of the best commenters ever and just seem like the nicest person. I hope I get to meet you too, because I need tips on how to be the greatest aunt ever (I'm very new at this, you see). :-)

*Hugs* Happy Thanksgiving!!