Sunday, November 21, 2010

My cousins' voices

This morning I got up to scan a new picture of Ladybug, peruse blogs, and update my own. First of all, I'll give you the baby's update: went to the doctor on Friday and everything appears to be okay so far, no changes to her heart defect. What they're looking for is fluid building around her heart or other organs, which would not be good. But so far, she's okay! Heart rate still strong and she's still doing her "practice breathing" like she's supposed to. We see the cardiologist again this week, so more on that later.

Here's one of the ultrasound pics we got to take home:

Kinda blurry, but AWWW! She kinda has the same look on her face that the Man has when he's woken up early in the morning.

So while I was looking at other blogs, I came across my cousin Mari's. She and her sister Emily have the most DIVINE singing voices and I am so glad they videotaped this. After I listened to it (on earbuds since it's still early and the Man is sleeping), I put the speakers on my belly so Ladybug could hear it. I made sure the volume was low enough not to wake up Daddy.

View the video here, or click on the link to the right labeled In My Own Words.

You did a lovely job, Mari and Emily! I love you guys!


Saimi said...

Wow!!! Ultrasounds have changed since I had my kids, just look at that sweet little girl! I'm glad to hear everything is going well!

Thanks for sharing and keeping us updated, now I'm off to check out Mari!

Mari said...

Woo! Thanks for the shout out! And she is soooo cute! She looks like she has some adorable chubbo cheeks.

Lady Fromage said...

Look at those cheeks! so cute!