Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bed Rest. Day 1

In which "bun in the oven" takes on a whole new meaning.

I am more than willing to do whatever it takes to help my baby grow and develop as much and as long as possible. This means I can't do anything but be an "oven for the bun."

My job is to grow a baby. For reals. It's in my profile. Nothing else. The only other things I can do are recline, lay down, watch TV, spend ludicrous amounts of time on Facebook, (and do lots of blog updates!), go to the doctor, use the loo, and sometimes, if needed, grab a snack from the kitchen or take a bath.

Every time I get up, which is as unoften as possible, I try to sort-of multitask: let's see, while I'm going to the bathroom this time, I can fill up my water, get another piece of chocolate (thanks again, Jess!), and get semi-dressed. Next time I have to get up to go to the bathroom, maybe I can put in a movie. Or not. 

On one hand, a girl could really get used to this. On the other... holy canoli is it going to be boring. Not to mention the fact that I hate when people have to wait on me like I'm some kind of diva. All this time I have and I can't do a scrap of "nesting."

The best thing I feel that I can do is to keep positive. I told the nurses when I left the hospital,
 "I can be positive or I can be miserable. I'd rather be positive." 

Because even though being happy is sometimes harder, it's so much more fun.


Leigh said...

Sema, you are so brave. Your faith serves as such a strong example. I am sorry you have to be on bed rest. I have not had the misfortune of bed rest (fingers crossed), but I can only IMAGINE how monotonous it must get. Chin up. If you need anything - a visit, a good book, more chocolate - let me know! Love ya, girl.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Oh, yuck! I'm sorry you're on bed rest. I don't think I'd ever be able to manage it!

Remind me of your due date again?

If we lived closer, I'd come bring you lunch, and good chick books to read, and rub your feet... okay, so maybe not rub your feet, but I'd totally bring you fun stuff to do!!

Hang tight girl!

Carrie said...

Bed rest is HARD. I had to be on it with Kai at the very beginning -10 weeks to 15 weeks- and it was ultra boring and made my back ache. But I also came up with some things to do. I wrote and read a lot--which frankly dear, is going to go on the backburner when that bun in the oven arrives.

Virtual HUG!

Rie Teemant said...

You can always remember what Sister Hinkley once said too...

"You can either laugh or cry. I prefer to laugh because crying gives me a headache."

Good luck, Oven Mama!