Saturday, December 11, 2010

Finally! Pictures!

 Hang on. Can't... lean... forward. Baby foot in ribcage.

Okay, I'm good. Here's a slightly random photo montage of the last few weeks in chronological order:

12/1/10 Released from the hospital. Here are my lovely new bracelets, complements of Banner Desert Medical Center. The "allergy" tag was for... drumroll please... peanuts.
I got poked by needles 10 times. Did I mention that? I'm kind of a show off about it.

Here is the front of my shower invitation. Picture taken by Jen Roberts of Green Apple Images

12/4/10 And here's me... the lump. At the baby shower! We decided to go with a Christmasy theme since my mom's house was already deliciously decorated. Everything was beautiful from the food to the decor, put together by Mom, sisters, sisters-in-law, and Mother-in-law
I sat in this chair for the majority of the time. The only time I got up was once to use the potty... and to grab more food while I was already on my feet. I am the bottomless pit after all.

 And here's some of the adorable gifts I recieved! 
Here are three BEAUTIFUL quilts my mom made. Ah, can't stand the cuteness.

 A few little outfits (lots of ladybug stuff! Yay!) :)

 Dresses too stinkin cute for words. The one on the left is from my sister Jen, middle from my MIL, the right from my sister Jess.There were LOTS of other very, very cute things, but these were just a few that I pulled out for pictures. Ladybug will not be in short supply of cute jammies and comfy blankies!

12/10/10 And here I am at 34 weeks. 35 on Monday! This picture was taken the same day I came back from the doctor with a report that the preeclampsia symptoms are GONE!!!! I still need to stay on bedrest because that's probably why the symptoms have gone away. But it's truly amazing to have that little boost. Prayers are working! And they always will. :)

And last, but best of all: a new picture of Ladybug!! She's so cute and the picture is so clear! Technology is truly astounding.

I love you, my sweet girl! Keep being strong, keep kicking mommy, and let's astonish all these brilliant doctors by how well you do and how fast you heal!


Patrice said...

Oh, she is beautiful!

Jami said...

Looks like fun!!! Sorry I could not make it to your shower. Looks like you got some adorable things, and your baby girl is so cute!! I love the chubby cheeks!! Tell Bret hi! -Jami

Saimi said...

You look so dang cute with your baby belly!! What a fun shower, it's always great to buy baby things and those quilts are adorable! Tell your mom I said so, quilting is what I do so I can really appreciate her handy work!!

Glad you're both doing so well!!

R.A.W said...

Best wishes for everything from Wales, UK. Glad to hear that the pre-eclampsia has gone, keep resting up and willing that little one to stay inside as long as possible!

Unknown said...

Oh! This baby is so lucky to have all those pretty things to look at when she comes! Especially a pretty mommy!

What I Did Today said...

Oh, I'm just loving all the pics! You little Ladybug has such scrumptious cheeks! And that professional photograph of you is so beautiful. You got sooooo many cute dresses!!!! I love having girl for that very reason. Living dolls are so fun to have!