Monday, December 6, 2010

Shower post on hold

I want to wait until I have some pictures to post. I wasn't behind the camera during Ladybug's baby shower so I don't have a single one yet. But I'll get them! And when I do, I'll give you a belated post. 

But for today, just a few thoughts:

~My back hurts. Yuck.
~I got up way too many times last night because I had to pee. I guess that can be a good thing... stay hydrated!
~I'm getting my teeth cleaned today. I'm one of those psychos who looks forward to cleanings. For me, it's like going to get a massage. I can't wait!! Plus I get to see my old coworkers. I had to leave so unexpectedly, I didn't get a chance to hug them all goodbye. I'm glad I get to go back and see them. (Dr. T is not expected to be there. ahem.... I'm okay with that.)
~And I'm thinking of changing my blog background again just cuz I have some extra free time.

What do you think?


Saimi said...

I think you should change my blog background!

Things like this would take me a entire day, I don't have an entire day to spend on my blog background and it seriously needs help!

Yours is fresh and pretty! Can't wait to see your pictures!

What I Did Today said...

Changes can be fun. Have fun at the dentist (that's just a weird thing to say). And can't wait to see the shower pics!

Patrice said...

I'm glad you are staying sane . . . and if changing your background helps you stay sane, then go for it!

Marilyn said...

I say go for it!