Wednesday, December 15, 2010


So far, a week of ups and downs. Well, more like downs and ups. 

Monday I went to a new perinatalogist because these guys are the ones that deliver at the hospital I'm supposed to go to. The cardiologist wants me to go to Good Samaritan instead of Banner Desert. At first I was SO bummed because I had gotten to know some of the nurses at Banner, toured the NICU with the Man, gotten used to the specialist I was already seeing, and thought one of the partners from my original OB would deliver our baby. 

It'll be okay in the end. But it was still disappointing at first.

So... after a three hour doctor's appointment in which I had to fill out a mountain of paperwork AGAIN, explain to the ultrasound people that my baby has a heart defect that we are well aware of, and talk about all the medical crud that's been going on the last few weeks, I got strapped to a monitor for an NST (non-stress-test).

Ladybug wasn't very active, so the resident came in with this buzzer thingy to wake her up. My mom, who was with me, said it must have really freaked her (the baby) out because her heart rate dropped for a moment. Because of it, they sent me to the hospital for more monitoring.

Yes, you heard right. Hospital. Again. 

I was extremely upset at first. I had just gotten OUT of the hospital!! But this time, it was okay except they wouldn't let me eat in case I had to deliver. Talk about a quick way to make a pregnant woman reeeeeaaaally crabby. They only kept me for just over an hour and Ladybug's heart rate was fine. But I was contracting a lot too. At 35 weeks, that's not a good thing. But I was also a little dehydrated, which once I had that under control, the contractions eased. I was able to go home a LOT sooner than I thought!

So I left the house that morning with Mom at around 6:45 a.m. And got home around 1:30 pm. Long morning.

Still keeping the preeclampsia at bay. Wahoo!
Starting to dread Doctor's appointments even though they are not only necessary, they are vital.
Still sitting around on my bum. Which is what I need to be doing but all the same, it stinks.
My muscles have atrophied to the point that I can't even open a new bottle of apple juice. Where's the Man when you need him? Oh yeah... at school... preparing for our future so he can provide for his family.

Ow. Baby in the ribcage again.


Just a few more weeks. Then the hard part begins.


Unknown said...

Keep your head up! I know right now is so hard. Worry can really overwhelm you if you let it. I will be praying for you and your little one. I pray you feel peace and I pray your little one is healthy and ready to endure the things she must go through to be well. I also pray for your husband who must be so worried about the two ladies in his life. Take care and stay hydrated...try to relax and rest.

Momza said...

HI Amy,
Thank you for popping over to my lil blog. I've been hearing a little bit about you from your Mom--(whom I just love), and have had you and your sweet ladybug in my thoughts and prayers for some time now.
My daughter, Diana has been writing to Daniel too.
Anywho, I hope these last days of pregnancy are as comfortable and peace-filled as can be--you have alot of people who love you and your family, and you're right, prayer works!
Sr. Anderson

Meredith said...

oh amy, i hope it get's better soon! the baby will make it all worth it when she finally arrives but in the meantime remember: you're amazing and we're all praying for you!! PS: that's the cutest little sonogram pic ever! i wish we'd gotten a 3D one of B. lucky!! :)
Yours Mine and Ours

Saimi said...

You poor girl! Keep hanging in there and soon you'll be holding your little bug!!

Kassi Jane said...

I hope you are doing okay with all this! Sounds like you are! YOu are alot stronger than I could be I think. HOpe you can keep her in there until the due date. Love ya

What I Did Today said...

Keep it up! You're doing so good. I know how frustrating getting sent the the hospital over and over (when you just want to go home already!!) can be. I'm so glad to hear that you are warding off the preclampsia!

Unknown said...

You are doing great! Hang in there girl.