Saturday, May 28, 2011

Blog Challenge Day One

15 interesting facts about my life so far.

Some of you may already know some of these things. I hope it's still interesting.

1. I was born in a lazy-boy chair. My mom was sitting in it at Graham County hospital. I was ready to come before she could move to the bed!
2. I was allergic to EVERYTHING as a kid. Milk, peanuts, soy, uh... what else, Mom?
3. I've been making up stories ever since I can remember. It started with Barbies and playing house. It evolved into pen and paper and has now turned into full-fledged novels.
4. The first time I held hands with a boy was at Skateland when I was 11. It was a "partner's" skate, he was very cute, and felt sorry for me. His name was Scott.
5. My first date was three months after I turned 16. Yeah, at that age, that's a long time to wait for a date. His name was Scott too. Not the same guy.
6. I have eaten worms. It was in junior high. Long story. They were cooked in a pizza by the home-ec teacher. Yes, I knew what I was eating. It was dis.gus.ting.
7. My favorite animal is the lion. Probably because of Aslan.
8. From age 18 to age 21 I was a dance teacher. Mostly jazz and lyrical, some ballet. I did it for two years. It was one of the greatest jobs I've ever had. Right up there with face-painting.
9. The first concert I ever went to was N'Sync when I was 17. I was pretty much in love with Justin Timberlake at the time. I screamed myself hoarse.
10. My first boyfriend's name was Kyle. I was fifteen. We never went on any dates. We never even kissed.
11. My first "real" kiss was when I was 19. His name was Hyrum. I didn't know what I was doing. Awful.
12. I graduated from Mesa High, class of 2000. Seriously... can you think of a cooler year to graduate?
13. I have never eaten a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in my life. No really. I haven't. I'm allergic to peanut butter.
14. I like teeth. After dental assisting for seven years, it's hard not too.
15. My first car was a Jeep Cherokee. It was an '89. Red. I think I named him Stanley.

I am.... the most interesting woman in the world.
I never drink beer.
not even dos equis.
Stay thirsty, my friends.


Melissa said...

I remember those Barbie days =) We did have some great stories. Good times. Oh and Ames, I LOVE reading your blog. You are amazing and inspiring.

Jessica said...

BWAAA HA HA! I might have to copy you on this. It is so funny! :)