Monday, May 30, 2011

Blog Challenge Day Two

Why I got a blog.

That is a very good question. Why did I get a blog? My first blog was Reflections of London. It was a writing blog. Nobody that didn't share my DNA really cared about it. It fell through the cracks.

My second blog was the Dental Infernal Journal. I told funny stories about what really goes on in a dental office. You'd be surprised how many imbeciles went through that place.

The Dental Infernal Journal evolved into just My Infernal Journal. I guess I have this blog to feed my ego, work on writing, entertain, enlighten, inspire, make new friends  . . .


I started another blog over a year ago called "Letters to Lizzie" which was a story blog about a teenage girl named Kadence who wrote letters to Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice. That one was good for a while, started getting some followers, then I got pregnant and just couldn't do it anymore.
I made a big ole grandiose announcement that Letters to Lizzie was starting again but fans of Kadence, I'm so sorry, I don't know if it's going to continue. Please don't curse my name  Chessie and Marie.

I've thought about taking one of the novels I've already written, but haven't been able to publish, and turning that into a new story blog. What do you think? 
Should I do "Warriors of Galroth?ugh please heck no. That's my first book and will probably never see the light of day. 
How about "3124?" second book. a time travel piece. kinda teenie-bopper.
There's "Amaranth." ha ha. Not that one please. I wrote that one out of retaliation for Twilight.
One of my favorites: "The Streets of Elangard." of the fantasy genre. somewhat autobiographical. The setting is based on the city of Old York.
And my latest completion: "Fathom." contemporary fantasy. It's about mermaids.
There are others I've started and haven't finished yet: a sequel to "Fathom," a modern retelling of "Phantom of the Opera," and others.

So followers maybe I'll start calling you Hero's heroes. Hero London is my pen name . . . which one would you most like to read?


Meredith said...

"fathom" is the best title i've heard in a while. one word with punch. i kinda want to steal it. no worries though, i won't. i don't have mad writing skills like you:)

La la said...

Save Fathom! Someday someone will publish it because its AMAZING! (if i had money i would publish it for you :p) But I do love The Streets of Elengard...i vote that one

What I Did Today said...

Ok. I already put my vote in for "Fathom." But I did enjoy the little bit of the Phantom you posted one time. :) Yay for being able to FINALLY comment again!

Saimi said...

I'll read anything you post! I'm just glad I can comment again!

Unknown said...

Love hearing blog origin stories... I just started a new blog myself :). Hope you'll stop by :).

Vicki said...

The modern retelling of Phantom sounds awesome! :)

Lisa Payne said...

I also vote for Fathom, although I think "amaranth" sounds intriguing just because you said it was done in "retaliation for Twilight." :)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Blogging is such a journey! Glad that you might have found what you want to use blogger for:-)

Darci Cole said...

I'd read any of your stories... I need to work on mine a bit too! The mermaids sound fun, but I'd probably be more interested in the Elengaard story. I really like fantasy fiction... And I'm trying REALLY hard not to draw from any one story while writing my own... it's difficult for me!