Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Things I learned from my run

I've said it before, I'll say it again.
Pandora online radio is THE BEST.

So here's what I learned today:

~ Adding a new station to Pandora online radio helps my run. I got my best time today!

~ My new station, Pirates of the Caribbean; Dead Man's Chest, rocks my world. It's fun to try and play "guess that movie" with every song. Sometimes I actually get it wrong. Shocking, I know.

~ Indiana Jones is fun to listen to while running.

~ I actually liked the soundtrack to Avatar. Who knew?

~ "Duel of the Fates" from Star Wars Episode I is also very fun to listen to while running. Makes me feel like a jedi. oh don't laugh you know you'd do it too.

~ If you're having a hard time with motivation, buy some new running clothes. You can get 'em cheap at places like Ross or Marshall's.

Goodish run this morning. Learned some new things. And I went farther and faster than I thought!


Saimi said...

You are so good! I'm such a fan of running but can't seem to make myself do it so Hat's off to you and your commitment!

I'm glad you found some good tunes to listen to!!

Kaci Uipi said...

I don't have an iPod or anything really cool. Okay, i am on my husbands iPad but that doesn't really count cause he doesn't let me use it sometimes.. But you make running sound very tempting and invigorating... I love pandora!