Thursday, May 12, 2011


I enjoy being a girl?
when I'm getting facials, shopping for a pretty dress, and getting the door opened for me, yeah.

But when guys don't do anything for their appearance,
they still look fine.

Women, on the other hand...
If we don't
put on makeup
remove our calluses
tan our skin
style our hair
cut our hair
color our hair
remove unwanted hair all. the. time. shave tweeze wax ouchnair shave shave shave 
and otherwise "get ready"

we look like disgusting slobs.

After running these complaints by my husband,
his reply was a big, whopping
He went on to say more stuff that sorta dug the man I adore into a deeper hole that I chose to ignore because if I didn't, I'm a moody, angry, pms-y GIRL. oh don't EVEN get me started on that whole messy biological business.

I vote for a free National Ugly Day in which we can completely let ourselves go and our husbands still have to tell us we're beautiful.


Jessica said...

I say we make a date! :) Although, I always say I look like crap when I really do and Chris tells me I am it doesn't work at my house :)

Mari said...

I am so in for National Ugly Day. In fact... let's make it a month so we can really go crazy with the not shaving or working out. ahh...

Dani said...

My ugly day was yesterday. I showered and put on PJ's and just put my hair up. That was it. Oh wait, I did use the ped-egg, lotioned, and used body spray. So some effort was involved...

What I Did Today said...

How about a day off every month! Course I do tend to take a week off every month. :P I totally hear ya! Not fair! Though, I admit, I won't let my husband kiss me until he's shaved. I figure it's the least he can do since I have to do all those other things!

Chess said...

I had my own ugly day on Thursday night, and my friend wanted to hang out before I left his life for two weeks. So I warned him that I had just gotten out of the shower and to be prepared for me looking like wet dog. His response, "Um...okay? So what do you want to do?" Ah. What a good friend. It might as well have been, "No worries, you're pretty." Hahaha!

Patrice said...

I saw an magazine that "caught" the stars without their make-up. That totally made me chuckle that they are expected to be picture perfect all the time.

meaina said...

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