Saturday, June 4, 2011

Break from the blog challenge

Is anyone else getting sick of this blog challenge? *raising hand*

I wanna blog what I wanna blog. Not that the blog challenge is a bad idea, there's just other stuff going on that I would rather brag tell you about. Maybe I'll do normal posts and then tack on a blog challenge question at the end, unless it's a really cool one, then I'll devote an entire post to it.

Sounds good to me.
All in favor? Aye!
All against? . . .

Good, glad that's settled.

So guess what?
Me and the Man are moving out. The packing has started. The shifting of furniture has commenced. The list-making of stuff we can't leave behind has begun.
For those of you who don't know, Bret and I live at my aunt and uncle's house while they're serving a mission for our church in Carmarthen, Wales. (My kinda place). My grandpa also lives here, so we take care of him and the house while Auntie and Uncle are gone.

Welp, Auntie and Uncle are coming home in 3 days. Yes, my friends. 3 more days. We can't get into our new apartment until the 17th, so we're staying at other family member's houses until then.

It's been a year and a half of living here. Probably the hardest year and a half of my life, I need to admit. We've had some wonderful blessings and terrible trials. I am grateful to have had this time with Grandpa to get to know him better as he is nearing the final years of his life. (He's 92 and remarkably well for a guy his age).

But I am ready to move on.


Unknown said...

I'm glad you have a new place, even though it's a few more weeks.

I like the idea of blog challenges, but I just don't find enough time. So, yeah, aye.
Nahno ∗ McLein

Saimi said...

Uh yeah, that's why I don't do blog challenges...too much commitment!

Although I love reading about you!!

Rie Teemant said...

Hurray for new opportunities! Wish I was down there to help you out!

Heather said...

I've been out of town, hence the lack of commenting...

Hooray for moving to the west side! We will have to do dinner dates fo' sure and other fun stuff.

Unknown said...

haha, yeah I've started blog challenges before but never finished them :P. But maybe they can just be something to fall back on if you get a writer's block :).

Hope the move goes well!

Chess said...

Hahaha that's why I don't do blog challenges, not even the ones I came up with for myself. :)

Darci Cole said...

Lol, yes. I did foresee this happening. What I'm doing, is going through the blog challenge questions and just writing them out, that way if I don't have something to write about that day (I set a goal to post something every weekday for one year) then I can just toss up a blog challenge post that's already been done. I'm doing two or three a week, so I'm really not in a hurry to finish. I too want to blog what I feel like blogging about. You should too. <3

If I had a car, I would come help you pack... wish I could help :-( Good luck!

Unknown said...

YAY! I'm so excited for you! Good luck this week!