Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Not having internet really bites.

That's the thing about living in someone else's house.
You tend to take certain things for granted.

Like light bulbs.
And TiVo.
And the internet.

Now that we're in our own place, we have to go to the clubhouse, or as I have just decided to call it, the "Common Room" to use the internet. The internet doesn't always work in here and there are no Gryffindor pennants. Frustrating.
On that note, for those of you that are local, there is an ENORMOUS Harry Potter party going on in Mesa on Saturday, July 9th at 5:00 pm. Drop me a comment if you want details, I'll get back to you.

Sorry again that there are no pictures. I promise I will post some on Friday. Maybe even a video! Bet you can hardly contain your excitement.

Until next time...


Saimi said...

Great blog makeover I like your new look!!

As for my excitement your right it's hard to contain it!

jen said...

Can you not get internet in your apartment?! Ohhhh I would never last. :P

Regina said...

Also love your new blog design. Won´t you get no internet in your new apartment at all? (Here in Germany you have to wait about two to three weeks until you can have internet in your new house or apartment - never asked myself why, everybody seems to accept it the way it is).

Hope to read you soon and would be very pleased about little video :-))

ailinh said...

Oh bummer. It's true though, you never know how much you miss using the internet until it's not readily made available to ya.

Amy said...

Ah, no I worded myself wrong. We're getting internet on friday. Until then, I use my phone or go to the common room.