Thursday, January 19, 2012

BLR soundbites

In all this political storm, sometimes it's serious. But sometimes I think it's taken too seriously. It's nice to laugh once in a while.

These are my three favorite Bad Lip Reading soundbites.

laughing. out. loud.


Jenny P. said...

I cried myself silly the first time I listened to these. When Mitt says, "This is for the cows..." Seriously, SO SO FUNNY!

Saimi said...

HA!! Oh my GOSH funniest thing EVER!! I'm so out of the loop, how do you hear about things like this??

"A Leprechaun farmer whose a gambler." That Ron Paul!!

Very, very good Amy!!

Momza said...

"Yo Mama's Pudgey, face it." LOL

Kaci Uipi said...

oh my gosh I was having seriously one of the worst days ever and this just cheered me up! (although now it makes me depressed to think i had to watch this to get a semi-smile out of me) thanks for posting