Monday, January 2, 2012

Gotta post mine.

First, I have to say Happy Birthday to one of my best friends, my sister Jessica!!!! 26 years old. Love you, sis!!! Go get a pedicure. I hear foot massages stimulate labor. :) She's very ready to have her widdle girl. Any day now!

So it's a brand new year. I say farewell to the old one like I say goodbye to a hard class at school.
"Thanks. Learned a lot. I'll always remember. And I don't care to ever come back."

Everyone's posting their Resolutions. Most of the time in cute, subway-style art or in adorable pictures they painstakingly snapped, uploaded, and arranged.
Maybe one of my Resolutions should be to quit being such a blog-slacker.

So here are mine:
~Eat more healthy.
Isn't that on everyone's Resolution list? Bret's on board too. That'll make it easier. Even though we've broken that one already. Baby steps, right?
~Set aside time every day (but Sunday) to write!
I have two manuscripts I want to finish by July. This is because once the baby is born, I'll have NO time to write. I want to at least get the rough draft written on these things. Basic outline is mostly there.
~Re-read the Book of Mormon
I got a really great idea on how to approach this from my cousin, Patrice. She said that every time she reads the Book of Mormon, she reads it from a different perspective. Like on parenting, or marriage, or faith. With that different perspective in mind, you get different insights as you read.
~Have Family Home Evening every week.
I know we won't be perfect on this one. But we did better last year than the year before and that is my goal for this year too. Plus, I got a really neat-o calendar from my Mum for Christmas that I intend to use as for Family Home Evening purposes. Jot notes on what we're up to, discuss the week's schedule, make it a journaling type thing.
~Be a better person.
Give more service. Fill my heart and soul with charity. Stay away from things that aren't uplifting like certain movies and music. And cut back on addicting Facebook games that take up time and are worth zero. Love my family. Work on being a better wife and becoming a good mother.
~Get back up to 5 mile runs and more. 
And though this goal won't come into play until after this summer, I want to hit the pavement again. My fabulous older sister Jen just hit the 10 mile mark and I'm like... hello awesome! Plus there's Ethan's Run 2013 that I am determined to run the 10k. This year's run I'll only be able to do the mile walk. :) Or I might be painting faces. Hopefully!!

This is going to be a good year. Full of changes and healing and happy times and learning.


The Clawson's said...

Awesome resolutions. They gave me great ideas for mine. When is Ethan's Run? I would love to do it this year...probably just the walk!

Unknown said...

That a great list of goals! I think I better join the bandwagon and post mine soon :)

Darci Cole said...

I could do a walk... My goals are up today as well, and I feel really good about them. I don't want to set more than I have, because I know I'll think of more as I go. But those things are the most important to me, and I hope I make them my priorities this year.

So excited for you!

jen said...

Rock it sister! I know you will accomplish all this and more! You are amazing!

Leenie said...

Great list! I haven't even seriously written mine yet. But! I do love the re-reading the scriptures with a different perspective resolution ya got there. I am totally with ya on that one. Sometimes I catch myself "just reading", so now with a different mind set, I hope reading will mean more to me than it did.

Happy new year!

Andrea Gunnell said...

Somehow I missed your last post...probably because I haven't been on the computer hardly at all the last two weeks...but I just had to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!
I love your list of resolutions. Hopefully I'll see you at Ethan's Run again. I definitely won't be running either but I'll be there!

Patrice said...

Love it!

What I Did Today said...

May you see lots of success with your goals for 2012! I purposefuly left eating right and excercise off my list because it's something I try at and fail a lot at everyday. Like a life goal, ya know! I hope you get those manuscripts finished!!!! And that I get to read the finished product someday. :) Happy New Year!

Kimberly said...

great list! I'm hoping to run a 5K this year. I haven't ran much since high school, however am hoping to get there!