Monday, January 9, 2012

A few things I've learned...

1. Never blog in anger
2. If you ask for an argument, you're going to get one.

For these two things, I apologize. I should have had more compassion and a lot less pride.
As an appendage to my last post, I've decided to explain something:

Why the gospel of Jesus Christ makes me happy:
1. Obedience to the commandments keeps me safe and free.
~"bogged down" or "fenced in" is one way to think of it. But the truth is, I'll never be "bogged down" or "fenced in" by an addiction to drugs or alcohol, I've never had to worry about an unplanned pregnancy or unwanted disease, and I don't have to fear the police or the law. Except when I speed. oh come on, nobody's perfect.
2. I have knowledge of the afterlife.
~Please don't argue with me on this one. The death of my child a year ago is something that still hurts and will haunt me the rest of my life. But I know where she is, I know she's always my daughter, and I know that a merciful God in Heaven and His Almighty Son Jesus Christ have made it possible for us to be a family even beyond death.
3. I have opportunities to serve others.
~Christ has commanded us to love and serve one another (in my haste to defend my faith, I missed the mark and had lots of contempt in my last post). I am allowed to say "no" when I'm unable to help out when someone is in need, but whenever I do take the opportunity to serve someone, it brings a wonderful feeling of satisfaction and peace. Those who serve and those who have done the serving are both lifted, brightened, and strengthened.
4. I am able to gain further knowledge.
~The Lord has encouraged me to gain as much education as I can. Though I know I am nowhere near my potential, or where He wants me to be, it has become a goal of mine and I hope that I can abide by that guidance. I know that if I follow the direction given to me by the very God of Heaven, He will help me obtain it.
5. There is camaraderie and sisterhood.
~I have some dear, darling friends I have made because of the church. I do have friends who are not of my faith too. There's always someone to laugh with, cry with, shop with, eat brownies with...
Even women I don't know. When I'm in the temple, I try to look on every person there as my brother or sister. Everyone equal, everyone loved. This should extend to women on the internet as well.

Please understand, I'm not trying to come across as "holier-than-thou" or self-righteous. I can't stand people like that. I'm explaining my reasons why. These are only a few of them. And I do not ever mean to diminish the pain of others or magnify the pain that is my own. No one escapes the hardships that come with this life. And for some people, prayers and faith and fasting just aren't enough. My only hope is that all of us can realize that, like I said in my last post, all wrongs will one day be right. Endurance will one day be worth it.
Because of Christ.

I have been humbled and taught, but also lifted by your comments. All of us are in this together, whether you're a Mormon or a Catholic or an Athiest or a Jew.
And I love that.


Rie Teemant said...

Oh how I adore you Amy!

Jennie said...

The Gospel makes me happy too! It is not an ignorant bliss, it is a accumulation of knowledge that brings me happiness, peace, and joy. I love reading what you have to say!

R. Marie Cluff said...

Girl, you are one of my heroes. For reals.

Heather Nicole said...

wow, way to own up to your shortcomings (because we all have them)

I have enjoyed this post and have at times felt like you did in the previous post however I really do like what Marjorie Hinckley said and I try my best to take it to heart with each individual I come in contact with (although sometimes it just doesn't happen, especially when I am cut off in traffic... shortcomings, right??)

“Be kind. Everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” -Marjorie Hinckley

I love your blog, thank you for sharing so many deep feelings.

Unknown said...

we all have things that make us mad. It is part of being human. the important thing is that in the process of venting that anger we don't hurt more people.

(by the way, and this is a joke, I'm not catholic, Mormon, Jewish or atheistic. do you have something against the orthodox or Protestants? why can't they be in the club?)

Darci Cole said...

Oh Glo, always finding a spot to pick at ;-)

Amy, I'm proud of you for responding to all this in such a calm, unruffled manner.

For me, it makes me sad when people question their faith, or lose sight of what the Atonement means, and what it can do for us. I hope everyone who asked questions on that blog received answers to comfort them.

Alesha said...

Oh dang I always write when I am angry! haha Good points! I think you are right on!

Saimi said...

Whoa Amy, slow down there sister...First don't ever feel like you need to explain yourself on your blog. Remember it's your blog and you can post anything you want.

You are one of my favorite reads and I have enjoyed all your post for better or for worse in sickness and in health..

You're amazing and a great example to me!

What I Did Today said...

Most beautiful follow up post I've ever read. Thank you for being an example and teaching me.

Momza said...

What Saimi said. it's your blog, you can say whatever you're feeling. That's what makes it YOUR BLOG! N' I'm right there with ya!

Deseret Slueth said...

Amy, Let me just start by saying that it takes a special kind of person to admit when they have made a mistake. and I don't mean that vent in and of itself is wrong. and I have gain respect for you. with this post you have been a great witness for your faith by your willingness to admit that some of the things you said may have been hurtful. Really I think it was some of the commenters who really were out of line with what they said.

I would never argue against the belief in an afterlife. because I too believe in an afterlife, what that looks like is vastly different from what your faith teaches but I agree that your daughter is with Christ. (did you assume that I was an Atheist because I used logic? you know what they say when you assume)

I won't advance my argument because the actual premises have be brushed aside. my point was not about why something may or may not make you happy but rather if happiness is a basis for truth. Which if it was I would have left my faith long ago, because more often then not being a Christian has caused me some considerable pain. But enough on that. I really had just planed to comment that i thought it was very big of you to post this follow-up and I hope some of your readers may take a lesson form you.