Friday, May 11, 2012

Name that kid - Friday Editorial

29 weeks! And splotchy arms

Have you seen some of the crazy names going on out there?
Seriously. What kind of kid wants to be known as Pilot Inspektor or Apple or Tu Morrow? (celebrities....sheesh!)
Since we haven't really nailed down a name for little Abraxas-Fitzwilliam yet (don't you love our own wacko-but-mercifully-fake name for our kid?) I thought I'd make a game out of it.

The prize for the winner? You get to name the baby.
HA! Right. No you don't. But I would love to hear your suggestions!

So here's how the game will work:
Since Bret and I have such a colorful combination of interests, I thought it would be silly and fun to give name ideas for our boy having to do with the things we love best. Your part: guess where the name originates. Some of the names will be easy. Some will not. Some are downright silly. The S stands for our last name.

Make sure you give the source for first and middle names, if applicable.
Example: Pagani Veyron S = the make of one very fancy car, the model of a different very fancy car.

We'll start with his online nickname:
1. Abraxas-Fitzwilliam S (hint: it comes from two different sources)
2. Shawn Spencer S
3. William Peregrine S
4. Benedict Sherlock S
5. Gaius Uther S
6. John Ronald Reuel S
7. Jeremy Clark S
8. Durham York S
9. Dresden Autobon S
10. Phillip Mickelson S

Have fun!
Another hint: we watch a lot of Netflix.


Darci Cole said...

1. you've told me before, but I forget... Fitzwilliam is from Pride & Prejudice - Mr Darcy.

2. No idea.

3. Shakespeare, and Pippin.

4. Don't know, and Holmes.

5. Gaius is Merlin's teacher, and Uther is King Arthur's father.

6. Haha! Tolkein all the way!

7. ??? The name Jeremy reminds me of the kid who played Peter Pan in the new live action version... Clark? Don't know.

8. Durham & York are both cities, aren't they? I know York is, not sure on Durham.

9. Dresden I recognize from *Elangard*, but where you got it before that I don't know. The autobon is the really fast freeway in Germany that I want to drive on someday :-)

10. Phillip... the prince maybe? Mickelson I don't know. Though I googled it and actually came up with a Phillip Mickelson who is a pro golfer - is that where you got it?

That was fun!

La la said...

Name him Burton Guster.

What I Did Today said...

1. Abraxas-Fitzwilliam as in Santana OR Guardian of the Universe and Mr. Darcy.
2. Shawn Spencer as in Psych (love that show!).
3. William Peregrine as in Turner (pirate) and Took (hobbit).
4. Benedict Sherlock as in Arnold (he’s actually an ancestor of mine) OR Cumberbatch (awesome last name!) and Holmes.
5. Gaius Uther as in the court physician of Camelot and Pendragon.
6. John Ronald Reuel as in JRR Tolkien.
7. Jeremy Clark as in football player.
8. Durham York as in cities in England.
9. Dresden Autobon as in places in Germany.
10. Phillip Mickelson as in golfer.

This took me forever. When are you going to announce the winner? Can't wait to see how I did.

What I Did Today said...

Ah! I just peeked at Darci's answers. Now I know why Dresden sounded so familiar! I kept thinking "Prince of Persia?" But that's Desten. Or something like that.

Saimi said...

This is way out of my league, I vote for 'the boy'

Short sweet and simple! HA!

Unknown said...

I think Dresden is from the Dresden files books. but that is me,

Jessica said...

I know pride and prejudice is in there...I think I see some Sherlock about Clark Kent - super man?? Phil Mickelson, golf?? Uh I had another one - Oh York - Your obsessed with England. Benedict is Shakespeare. Dresden - as in the Dresden Dolls?? I don't know. :)

Jessica said...

OH - What I did Today - ROCKED This!!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Just wanted to say... cute belly!!