Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Updates, re-designs, and a few questions

Since it's been, what, two weeks since my last post. Wow. Way to go, there, Miss Over-achiever. I figured it's time to post.

Here's my updates:
Officially into my third trimester. Little Abraxas-Fitzwilliam (real name still TBD) is kicking me as we speak. Or, as I type. Of course, once I got these words typed, he stopped, so technically it's not as we speak.


Bret is hard at work with his dex-competency exams in school. Basically they're making sure he's able to work on a human being. He'll start his third year of dental school this June. In the clinic! I'm so proud of him I could squeal! School is rough on him sometimes but he's loving the hands-on dentistry part. And I'm loving his hard work and perseverance.

We're also loving the friends we're making. I went to a baby shower last night (Gasp! I know, shocking. I actually went to one for a baby girl! It was good though. Very low key and easy on me). I am soaking up the fantastic support group and amazing women I'm making friends with.

Abraxas-Fitzwilliam now has the hiccups.

I'm wanting to redo my blog. Layout, set-up, posting, the whole works. I'd like to do the structured "days" but I'm kind of afraid they won't happen. One I really want to do is a "Tried and True" day. I have a "Tried and True" board and a "Tried...denied" board on Pinterest and I want to share the things I'm trying out. Gets me going and motivated to actually do stuff.

I'd also like to do some writing posts. Just to keep myself accountable and keep everyone posted on what's going on in my little writing world. Which isn't much. (It never is during pregnancies for me.)

A short spiritual thought day would be a good one too. I think telling about small epiphanes (ones that are share-able) would be a good way to share my testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ while uplifting others at the same time.

So what other day "themes" are there? My friend Heather at A Goddess in Progress (in progress? no, the girl is already a goddess. love her!) has a Tell me truly Tuesday. I think that's cute. And I love love love Jamie's theme of What I did Today.

But I hate to copy people. So for now I'm just brainstorming.

What do you guys think?


Darci Cole said...

I like the tried and true/tried denied idea. I also would love to see some writing posts from you. Spiritual thoughts are always nice. You could do a food themed day, or a day where you write a letter to baby Abraxus, or one where you talk about something interesting/funny/exciting that happened to you.

I found that when I themes my days it was really easy to find things to post about. But then I wanted to narrow my focus to writing, so I stopped. Even if you have themed days, you still don't have to post EVERY day. It helps the ideas come when you know what you're looking for though :-)

Jennie said...

As long as you keep writing, I will be perfectly content! I also like the Tried and true/ tried denied idea. I love the idea of a spiritual thought day, I think it would be great. I can't wait to see what you decide on!

heather said...

Oh my gosh you are so nice. And I thought of you, randomly, at least 7 times today with the full intention of calling you, but look here is is practically my bed time and now it's too late. Where did the day go!?

So here's my advice: Just because you have a regular meme doesn't mean it has to be a once a week thing. If you want a weekly one, I'd stick to just one. I've been doing the Tuesday thing for so long, I practically count my week by it. For example, I happened to write this week's on Monday and I've been a whole day off since. :)

What I Did Today said...

I love copying people. But that's because I don't have an original bone in my body. :P I keep thinking I need to make it a goal to accomplish one pin a week and blog about it. So if you ever do a linky with your "tried and true," I just might contribute! :) Congrats on being in your third trimester! So fun! Well, for the most part. ;)

Unknown said...

Don't they say imitation is the best form of flattery? ;) I just did a quick revamp of my blog too though still much to be done...

Glad to hear things are going well with the bubs and you :).

Saimi said...

I commend you for even thinking about redoing your blog. I'm like Jamie I don't have a creative bone in my head as well as the techno skills, so I stick with the same ol' thing. I count myself lucky I can even blog and post the occasional picture.

What ever you come up with will be great. I enjoy your post as always!!

Marilyn said...

I copy everybody! I will love anything you do, but of course I am slightly prejudiced. I love reading other people's blogs but of course I have a hard time writing on mine, weird! Can't wait to see what you come up with. (ps I'm campaigning hard with dad to get a Mac. ;-))

Carrie said...

I think you shouldn't get too set on making a consistent thing or topic:) You are going to be sleep deprived, exhausted, and elated with joy daily so having to remember to write one certain topic or regularly keep up with a pattern will be hard. I'm sure you can do it--I just think it would be hard for me! Doing a blog redesign is really fun though!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

I've never been good at sticking to a consistent blogging schedule. Like... ever. But if you can, good for you! I just have to swing by the seat of my pants. It's how I roll. Otherwise everything gets too stressful for me. :D