Monday, May 28, 2012

Tried and True, America

I just want to give a quick solute to the many men and women who have given up life, limb, and livelihood so that I can sit safely in my house, blog what I want, and then go have a barbecue with my family.

I also want to applaud the spouses of those soldiers. You people and the people you are married to are what make America great. Such sacrifices humble and amaze me.

It's true that our country has problems. There's corruption, instability, and a decline in morality and courtesy.

But, my fellow Americans, our country will always be "Tried and True." Don't ever forget the fires that have refined us.

God bless the honorable. God bless the selfless. And God bless the departed who gave the ultimate sacrifice out of love for country and freedom.

Happy Memorial day.


Darci Cole said...

Great thoughts, Amy. Thanks for the reminder :-)

Saimi said...

Amen Amy, great post!!

What I Did Today said...

Amen. Couldn't have said better even if I'd spent all day thinking about it. You have such a talent with words. Keep up the good work Ames.

Jennie said...

I completely agree with every single word! Well put.