Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What I'm up to Wednesday

Thanks for all the complements on my blog Redesign. I like my new layout too. And fyi, the picture of me and Bret on the sidebar? You know, the super-hot one that turned out totally amazing? Yeah, that's not because we're photogenic. It's because of the talents of my sister Jen the Photographer at www.greenappleimages.com. Check it out.

I got lots of advice on "theme days" and stuff. I'm not going to have these themes set in stone and I'm not going to force myself to post on days when I don't have anything to say.That seemed to be the best and most frequent advice I received.

But the themes I have decided on are these:
~Monday's Tried and True (or) Tried... Denied. Whichever the occasion calls for (wanted to do Tuesday for alliteration purposes but I only wanted a theme every-other-day.)
~What I'm up to Wednesday. (this'll be my craft/writing/hobby post)
~Friday Editorial (in which I tell about my thoughts and opinions. Everything from movie/book reviews to remarks about things that have uplifted me, made me giggle, or made me cry.)

I'm not going to post every day (MAJOR kudos to those that do!!) and may not even post every other day. Tuesdays and Thursdays might make an appearance sometimes, if I don't have anything for my "themed" days.
That's the beauty of having your own infernal journal.

I've also decided to activate the email notification whenever I get a comment, so I can reply to all my commenters. I love it when I get replies from other bloggers, and I often want very much to thank my own followers or continue the conversation. It's like having lots of pen-pals. I love it.

So today is What I'm up to Wednesday.
And I decided to fill you in on a little project I've started working on and have not yet disclosed. I'm even a little reluctant to share in case there are lurkers out there who like to steal ideas. (no one I know of course, because my followers are all too awesome for that.)

But I'll tell you because I'm excited about it.

One of my favorite authors is J.R.R. Tolkien. Author of The Lord of the Rings. Countdown to The Hobbit movie commencing...291 days, 10 hours, 25 mins when I wrote this post.)
What some people may not know about him is that he and his wife Edith have the most amazing love story. Both orphans. When their relationship was discovered, they were forbidden to see each other until Tolkien's 21st birthday. On that very day, Tolkien wrote to his beloved Edith only to find out that she was engaged to someone else!
They did end up together (history will tell you that) but their story is seriously so Hollywood-worthy, I'm surprised no one's told it yet.

So I'm going to.

Not in biography style... I will take some artistic license here and there. But I want it to be as historically accurate as possible. A beautiful, rich, funny love story to make you feel cozy.

Armed with these tools:

A spiral notebook
A Mickey Mouse pen (courtesy of my visiting teachers!)
A highlighter
Post-its (which aren't sticky, come to find out. Dang Wal-mart. That's why they were so cheap)
J.R.R. Tolkien. a Biography and The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien, both by Humphrey Carpenter.

And that's what I'm up to right now.

*Edit: and then I woke up and realized I posted this on Tuesday, thinking it was Wednesday. Another space-case moment.


Jenn said...

Amy! First, I'm so glad that I have found your blog because I had missed your sparkle in my life, and I feel like I get a taste of that through here. So, thanks! Second, what a FABULOUS idea! I love their story, and I love that you want to tell it!

Darci Cole said...

I LOVE it! That will be so amazing! I can't wait to see how it turns out. Let me know if you need a beta reader or something on it. You're amazing :-)

Unknown said...

Have you read Of Beren and Luthien? He based that story off of his Marriage. It isn't biographical but from what I have heard it is very much an artistic interpretation of the real events.

brigette said...

I love your idea! This will be great. I cant wait to read more and learn more about you. I nominated you for a blog award on my blog since ive been blog stoking you for a while. Hope over it youd like to check it out. Big hugs mama!

Ashley said...

I didn't realize that you had a blog but I have read your comments/post on the private blog that Jennie started. I have to say that I am completely sorry for the loss of your daughter Ella :(

Love your blog, the picture of you and your husband is GORGEOUS!!

What I Did Today said...

Love it! So fun! The layout, the schedule, the ideas, all of it! That will be such a fun story to read. My sister will be so psyched when I tell her. I think she's read the LOTR Trilogy over 10 times (not an exaggeration).