Saturday, April 30, 2011

Final installation of British Invasion blog posts


I'm turning you all into AMERICAN BRITS!!

And if I haven't yet.... here's some more motivation: all things awesome that happen to be English

Need I say more?

Robin Hood 
Quintessential Englishman

Peter Pan
I didn't take this picture. Wish I did

The Aston Martin.
James Bond ain't so bad either.

Fish n Chips
Maybe I'm really hungry right now, but this looks soooo good.

. . . and some more from my own experiences:

Phone Booth in Avebury, Wiltshire

Sign in Pickering
The Brits are very wordy. So funny!
translation: "No Littering"

Castle in Durham
Whether you're a princess or a pauper, castles are just cool.

A street in York called "The Shambles"
we called it "Diagon Alley"

And here's some video of my favorite foreign country.

Thanks so much for tuning into my tribute to all things British! If you missed my last posts, I'd love you to go see them. They might not taste like rocky road ice cream but at least they don't bite.


Elizabeth said...

I love England, too, and love your choices. I'm over here from Aunt Lo Lo's blog. I saw from your comment there that you loved the Royal Wedding. I did, too. I can't wait to visit England one day. :)

What I Did Today said...

Fish n chips sound sooooo goooood right now! My siblings are obsessed with that Robin Hood series. I couldn't finish it because it was a tad too p.c. for me. A Robin Hood that hesitates to take out the Sheriff? Please. This week on England was awesome!!

Melanie said...

I read your post and about died laughing. No body understands me when I say how "wordy" people from England are. Seriously, sometimes when I am talking to Darren I am thinking get to the point already! haha. Thx for sharing ;)