Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Their humor

This week, in honor of the Royal Wedding (YAY!) I've decided to do a tribute to
the Brits.
Now you'll probably get sick of me saying how much I love England, but hey... this week I get to celebrate it. You are free to either look the other way, roll your eyes and grudgingly read my posts, or pull out your inner Brit and celebrate with me.

Today I pay tribute to British Humor.
Very dry. Very random. Very quirky. Very funny.
Plus, everything is, like, 100 times more hilarious with an English accent.
Seriously. Tell a joke. Then tell it with an accent.
Way funnier, right? I know.

 Here is a good example: from Monty Python's Flying Circus. I seriously almost pee my pants every time I watch this. the video is very clean, no worries.


Marie Teemant said...

Amy... I just adore you... just saying!

AllyValdez said...

I love wedding week!!


Unknown said...

AH! I love the Ministry of Silly Walks! Does this mean you are staying up all night to watch the wedding live:)

Marilyn said...

Dang. The only complaint I have is that the video ended too soon!

Suzie said...


What I Did Today said...

I totally didn't get it. But I'm still gonna be checking back while you pay tribute to the Brits. **thumbs up**

Momza said...

Love British humor...and Monty Python! N' Of course I'm staying up to watch the wedding!