Thursday, April 28, 2011

Their history and architecture

I've never seen it's equal. bonus awesome points if you can name that movie.
All pictures were taken either by me or my friend Rogue (R. Marie Cluff).



The College at Oxford

Me outside the Eagle and Child Pub.
if you know much about C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, you know about this pub.

Clock tower outside King's Cross Station

Tower Bridge

Tower of London

And a video of the interior of the York Minster.
York was one of my favorite favorite places.

Thousands of years of history. We stayed in a hotel older than our country.


Darci Cole said...

The Princess Bride!!!

Way cool pictures. I'm very jealous that you've been all those places... I'll get there one day :-)

What I Did Today said...

These are awesome! ACK! I wanna go soooo bad! Alas, foreign travel is just not in my immediate future. Gotta save my pennies, I guess. They're showing the Royal Wedding at the local movie theatre here. My mom wants to go with her best friend (who happens to be British), but she has to take one of my sisters to the doctor. Hm. Maybe I'll offer to take her instead..... Wish I'd thought of that earlier. :)