Friday, April 1, 2011

Guess what?

~I died my hair black. So Angelina Jolie. 

~The New York Times called and my book Fathom just hit the best-seller list.

~The Man went and bought me a new Aston Martin. Pearl finish.

~I'm going to be on Oprah this afternoon to discuss my recent success in the film industry.

~Disneyland sold me some real estate on Main Street, USA. Yeah, it overlooks the Carnation Cafe.

~That invitation to Will & Kate's wedding FINALLY arrived.

~I entered a blog giveaway and won ten million dollars. 

~John Krasinski asked me out. Again. I had to remind him I was very happily married.

... along with the other big loads of crap we're going to be dished out today!

Happy April Fool's Day. Celebrate irresponsibly.


Sarah said...

Ha ha! Very nice. I logged onto Facebook and all my friends were engaged or pregnant as of today.

Saimi said...

Ha! I was hoping to see a picture of you with black hair!!

What I Did Today said...

I can't ever think of any good jokes to play on April Fools. Plus, I'm a very bad liar. Which, is probably a good thing. One of my other bloggy friends announced her pregnancy on the 1st. And it WASN'T a joke. So glad I congratulated her instead of saying something snide! Haha!