Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Some more faces

I just wanted to post about this cute family who had me come paint at their daughter's "orangetastic" party.
Orange paint was in abundance. *thumbs up*

We had a ball!
These kids were the coolest. They made me laugh so hard. Sometimes I couldn't paint because me and the kid I was painting were giggling too much. After this picture was taken, and before the evening was over, I even painted a few mustaches on some of the girls. Mustaches on the girls and unicorns on the boys. Go figure.
They were hilarious!

Thanks for a fun evening, kids. You rock!


Saimi said...

I think you rock! What a fun thing to do and obviously they loved you!!

What I Did Today said...

What a cute picture! How fun to be such a fun part of a little girl's birthday party! You did a great job too, of course.

Unknown said...

Love your cute blog header!