Friday, May 6, 2011

29 things....

Today is the first day of the last of my twenties. Oy. Happy Birthday to me, my friend Rogue, George Clooney, and Gaston Leroux. In case you were wondering.
So on this lovely 6th day of May, I've decided to write down 29 things I'd like to accomplish before my roaring 20's are out.

1. Get pregnant with a healthy baby. That's a no-brainer.
2. Read the Book of Mormon cover to cover again.
3. Bring at least one soul unto Jesus Christ.
4. Finish writing a book.
5. Land an agent/publisher.
6. Start a new book.
7. Visit the Harry Potter Theme Park.
8. Choreograph just one more dance.
9. Repurpose a piece of furniture.
10. Read a classic I've never read before.
11. Meet a bloggy friend in person.
12. Start an etsy shop.
13. Eat a meal at The Melting Pot. fondue = yum
14. Have a complete Harry Potter movie marathon.
15. Hike a trail in Sedona, AZ.
16. Complete a 10k race.
17. Get a makeover.
18. Make a movie.
19. Spend more quality time with my parents
20. Go to a real English tea party. herbal tea of course.
21. Go back to school.
22. Buy a brand new car.
23. Lose ten more pounds
24. Take a dance class
25. Work up the courage to cut my hair
26. Be an extra in a Hollywood film.
27. Attend a temple session in a temple other than the Mesa one.
28. Ride the Phoenix Metro Light Rail. I still haven't done that, can you believe it?
29. Go see a Broadway Musical. one I haven't seen before... like Wicked or Lord of the Rings.

Some of these things will be super easy; some of them are even in the plan. But some will be harder. Some may not happen. If it doesn't, it's not the end of the world. Just the end of my 20's.

And I wanna go out with a bang.


Heather said...

Pretty sure you are well on your way to going out with a bang! Wonderful list, I hope many many get checked off. It was also a good insight to more of you.

I am glad to have met you my bloggy friend the other day for lunch and what is the status on housing?

Jami said...

Good for you!! Have Bret take you to dinner at the melting pot tonight for your birthday, and ride the light rail to get there!! (Does the light rail even go anywhere by it??? :) (We rode the light rail to the old spaghetti factory once. It stops right in front of it! Fun experience!!) HAVE A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY!!! ~Jami

Carrie said...

You know I love birthday lists.. ;) This is lovely and I have utter confidence in your success.

heather said...

Hey I'm in Mesa, and planning a full Harry Potter marathon if you want to come!

Rie Teemant said...

I've got three of those I can help you with. You just need to save up enough to come with me to Orlando in Florida and take a trip up to Utah.

(In case you can't figure out on your own, that would help you with #7, 11, 17... and maybe the fondue too... but it won't help with the 10 lbs)

Unknown said...

Go for it all! May all your dreams come true!!!!

What I Did Today said...

No! Pick me! Pick me! Come visit Seattle! :D Great list. And happy, happy birthday Amy dear!

Rie Teemant said...

I just reread my comment... SO blond. I meant to come with me to Orlando in AUGUST. Yeesh.

Unknown said...

Well I hate to put all these other lovely ladies out, but PICK ME!

There is a good possibility we will be in Gilbert during Christmas. Or come to Houston...for fun!

Love you.

Bring it on, 29! I'm excited to hear about your adventures!

Loved you post over on Carrie's blog. Made me cry.

Chess said...

You can do it all!! Start with the hair: It'll get you revved up and excited for life! :-)

Margaret said...

Hi Amy... Looks like a fun filled year. Good luck..