Monday, June 27, 2011

I tried, really I did


No, that's not a pirate noise.
It's an aggravation noise.

I made a video of the apartment, as promised, and I tried to upload it and it wouldn't work. Either I take the video on my phone, or on our new camera which has video capabilities that I don't think blogger will work with. *another growl of frustration*

So I guess I hafta do pictures.

The family room. We just got the rug. Hasn't been set up yet.

Bedroom. The mirror will be put over the dresser (not pictured). Someday.

Kitchen. Complete with full sink of dishes.

 Sparse dining room. 'Cept for the teeny tiny table and oodles of boxes still to be put away and pictures to hang.

Closet. Exciting.

Master Bathroom.

Guest Bathroom

And . . . so cool . . . I have a sewing closet! It's awesome because when I'm done with a project, or need to take a break in the middle of one, I can close the closet and forget about it and no one has to know how disorganized I am.

So there you have it.
Like I promised.
Sorry it's not a video.
Technology. Hmph.

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Saimi said...

What a darling place!!! Man, oh man don't you just love having your own sewing room. I love being able to walk out and leave the mess behind closed doors!!

I'm so excited for you and you're going to have so much fun setting up and decorating!

Marilyn said...

Very nice. Your bed is gorgeous. Love the sewing closet. Where did you put your awesome photo board?

Andrea Gunnell said...

So, I'm curious what type of new camera you have? The video from my camera doesn't work with blogger but I can upload videos to youtube and then link them to my post. Does that make sense?
Very cute new'll have to post pics when you have it fully decorated!

jen said...

Cute!! Especially love the sewing closet. Genius.

Unknown said...

Oooo it looks so homely ^^. Especially like the kitchen and closet area... lots of space :).

Chess said...

Cute!!! It's always fun to move into a new place. Organizing it, not so much. :)