Wednesday, June 8, 2011

You guys are the best

Thanks for letting me unload, you guys.

You listened, you encouraged, you gave me some love, and you did it so gracefully that I came up with the conclusion:

I have the BEST bloggy friends ever!!

New friends, old friends, followers, stop-by-for-a-peek-ers, all of you just rock.

Thank you so much.

I try to come by your places and be a good commenter {my sister says I'm the best. :)}  But sometimes I get busy. Specially now cuz we're kinda in limbo between homes.

Bottom line, I love you all and I am just tickled fuschia that you read me!


Leigh said...

Um, you ARE the best commenter. Seriously make me smile. Time after time. Love YOU!

Jessica said...

Tickled that better than pink?

What I Did Today said...

I agree. You're totally the best commenter. And that's saying a lot since I've seemed to acquire several "regulars." And no worries about not being able to comment. Life happens. That's a good thing. Hope you get all snuggled down into your new home soon!

Sarah said...

Amen to everyone else. You are a great commenter. I just commented once and you commented on mine! It was way exciting. Good luck with the move and the Chapterhouse Lane Launch that is ticking up there. :)

Darci Cole said...


Love you Ames.
You're a rock star.
And the best commenter ever.

Unknown said...

hehe I had a giggle about fuschia too :P. I missed out on the rant but just know that it's like a requirement to rant on your blog every once in a while :).

happy moving!

Saimi said...

I love reading you and you are the best commenter. I can always count on a comment from you so thank you my dear!!

Good luck with all that you have going on!!

ailinh said...

YOU are the best! :)