Monday, October 3, 2011

Coupla things:

Because of school, I write stuff in outlines a lot. So here we go.

1. I missed a lot of conference. 
~I'm very sad about it.
~Planning to catch up on all the talks via internet.

2. Biology is both amazing and unmerciful.
~Reading from my textbook makes me feel like an imbecile
             - i.e. "In incomplete dominance, the heterozygous phenotype is intermediate between that of either homozygote." -Human Genetics by Ricki Lewis 
             - um, what?
~Then again, the complexity of the human body testifies to me that there is indeed a God in Heaven.
             - I wonder how can people not believe in Him with this information in front of them.
~Biology even helps you learn about British History. awesome
             - Learned all about a disease King George III had.
             - Found it fascinating.
             - Doing an extra credit term paper on it.

3. Lots of crafting/writing projects.
~some have blown up in my face
             - never sewing without a pattern AGAIN.
~some have turned out so utterly cute!
~my friend has a weekly "Pinterest Party" so we can actually get some of these cool ideas DONE instead of just pinning them to a board.
              - can't wait for tomorrow's party.
              - working on Halloween decorations
~just finished chapter 5 of a new story.
              - liking it a lot!
              - will need polishing. What story doesn't?
~still working on a sequel to my story Fathom.
              - meh. Coming along. sorta.

3. Sometimes life really sucks.
~even my Mom said so. In those words.
~I won't go into detail. Just know that I'm doing fine.

4. Prayer works.
~Gets you through the crappy things.
~There's ALWAYS an answer. There's ALWAYS a reason.
~God wants to bless us. He's waiting to bless me for just the right time and season.


Heather said...

I missed conference too, I have lots of reading to do next month!

Meh, biology schmology. :) You are awesome.

Pinterest Party = Brillant! When life settles down over here I would love to start something like that.

Glad you are well and yes life sometimes sucks. You are loved and blessed and Heavenly Father is so aware of Miss Amy. Love you!

PS: got to finally meet Jen in the flesh Friday, she helped take a few pictures of Rhett with my friend Leah. Fun!

Unknown said...

Wow it's sounds like you've been very busy! Glad to see you're enjoying the study and making time for some fun stuff too :).

mandyface said...

Those morning sessions are hard for me lol so I'm listening to them whilst I drive around.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

I think we should be neighbors.

Then you could teach me how to sew. And we could burn your text books to make a fire, so we could make smores. And you could encourage me to start a Pintrest account. And you could teach me how to be cute like you. And we could sit at out computers, type, and eat chocolate. All day.

It would be awesome.