Friday, January 6, 2012

Found this link to Mormon Mommy blogs from my friend Heather. The wonderful Sister Julie B. Beck, President of the Relief Society women's organization for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (or Mormon Church) is going to have a question-answer meeting in which ANY questions will be answered.

You can read them yourself here, if you so desire.

I was astonished at what some of these questions were. Women with issues about only men holding the priesthood, women asking about certain talks given by Sister Beck and if she would change them if she could, and other issues that surprised me. Some things didn't surprise me at all and were completely legitimate, as well as heartfelt and heartbreaking questions.

But some of them made me angry and I just have to vent for a moment.

Heaven forbid you have trials.
Heaven forbid you have hardships with your children and marriage.
Heaven forbid your life as a mother is so boring, routine, limiting, stifling....
Heaven forbid your Family Home Evening/scripture/family prayer efforts are not perfect.
Heaven forbid you are not called to certain leadership positions (all the while complaining that you have "too much on your plate and don't know how to handle it all.")
Heaven forbid the general authorities and auxillary leaders say something you don't like.

I wanted to reply to some of them and say, "My gosh, people, get a grip! Sometimes life sucks! Sometimes there are hurts that run so deep it feels as though your entire life has been good for nothing. Guess what?
Chances are someone else out in this crappy world we live in is hurting more than you."
I'm not talking about myself here, guys. I'm including myself in this. I'm not the only one with trials. I'm not the only one with doubts. I'm not the only one who has had to face suffering and pain.
But you know what?
I'm trying. I'm learning. Sometimes I screw up, but then I try again. And learn some more.
In the eternal scheme of things, all that matters is obedience. One day, all hurts will be healed. All unfairness will be made fair. All the answers will be given and all that was wrong will be made right.
Just not in this life.

And so help me, I will be forever faithful to my God in heaven and His Son. In the end, Christ is the head of my church and my life. People aren't perfect and they never will be. Not the prophet, not the Relief Society president, not my loved ones, and not me.
But Christ is.
I put my trust in Him. Always.
And no amount of devils advocates, pot stirrers, or rabble 'rousers is going to change that. Period.

*quick breath*
That may have been a little harsh.
I just had to get it out.

Oh, and one more thing, even though most of my readers believe as I do. Here's something my dad taught me if I'm ever faced with someone who likes to try to make me question my faith. This is his response, as well as mine:
"The gospel makes me happy."
Argue with that. I dare you.


Momza said...

YEA!! You and I are on the same page! After reading the mostly negative, whiny comments, I get the impression that alot of women want the Church, as an organization, to FIX their lives. They've lost sight that the Church, in general, is a vehicle to express their faith. It is not a country club, or a mental health facility, or a political organization meant to fix every wrong or woe this life has to offer. Where on earth did these women get the idea that the Church should fix their lives? Ugh. Very frustrating. And the thing is, the questions they're asking, have already been answered--they just don't like them. One of the most popular questions of the day is "why can't/don't women hold the priesthood?"--seriously?! The very core of the priesthood is SERVICE and the women I know, are already serving others from sun up to sun down. To hold the priesthood would be almost redundant, if you get me. I always tease and say the reason men have been given the priesthood is to give them something to do while the women run everything else. If women had the priesthood, the men would step back and let us do everything! LOL Just ridiculous. I even wonder if half those comments were left by members of the Church at all--some of them are so negative and trickled with apostasy, ya know? Okay. I'm done. Love you!

heather said...

I hear you. I was just amazed at how resentful so many of those comments seemed. And what kind of annoys me is how so many of those questions/ concerns are asking the church to do more for them, or to give them less/ more to do. It's like they are forgetting that this church is not a political organization. The leaders are not elected. They are called of God. It is His church. HE directs it. We don't vote on these things. We OBEY because we trust that there is a plan and purpose in all of it.

I do, though, know some people who have needed Church Services in the area of therapy and have only met with Professional Therapists who have done much more damage than good. That is a problem.

The Clawson's said...

I love this. You said what many of us are thinking....I'm just not so great with words, like you!

Unknown said...'re kinda harsh. Feels like a mixture of who's pain is greater game and yelling suck it up princess. I admit I didn't read all the comments on that blog, because I'm not Mormon and well it got really boring for me really fast. I get that you are venting, but why do these things make you so angry? (not saying whether it is right or wrong to get angry)

I also have to say that I really want to take you up on your dare, because it implies that what ever makes you happy is more important then truth. but that is all I am going to say because this is your blog and I really don't want to come in and seem like that bully on the play ground that kicks sand on all the other kids.

Alesha said...

Loved this! I so agree. The sad thing is before my recent experiences I think I may have thought some of those lame things where my biggest problems. Oh to be that niave again.
Now I can't look at anyone with out wondering what they may be going through that I dont know about. Gives you a different perspective.
Very interesting, thanks for sharing!

Saimi said...

Your so Amazing Amy and I feel the same EXACT way but I'm a bit confused here, I always thought President Hinckley was perfect! that man!!

Jenny P. said...

I'm glad you shared your thoughts on this. I've had many of the same, but just haven't the words to express myself. I can say that I'm very interested to see how the conversation with Sister Beck goes. I'm sure she will be fabulous, because she always is.

In other news, I've enjoyed reading through your archives. You're a great writer. I'm so very busy, and have so little time to read blogs, I don't often pick up new ones, but you're being added to my reader for sure. :)

What I Did Today said...

AMEN! This problem is rampant. But it's not a solely a women of the Church issue. It's our culture. You would not believe how many people I met on my mission who think that someone/the world/other people/their relatives/the government/etc owe them something/happiness/money/a free ride/ease/(dare I say it?) health care/etc. And I continue to meet such people even in my own community. I haven't read the question and answer thing, but now I'm not even sure I want to. One thing I am always saying to myself these days is, "There are no guarantees." And that's fine. It was Satan's plan to make sure everyone had it easy and that everyone would be guaranteed a win. Anyways, my comment is obviously based off of what I read in your post and may not even be completely relevant to the actually reason for your rant, but there's my two cents anyways. :) Maybe I will go read it.....

Jennie said...

So, I just read some of the questions... I was a little fired up about some of them. I completely agree with you.

Unknown said...

wow, So again I am not LDS. and as i have come back here to see what people are saying I decided to look back and read more of the comments and questions to Mrs. Beck (at least I think she is a Mrs.) what I saw was a lot of women who have needs and problems that they have no where to turn to and it kinda breaks my heart. but to come here and see you guys act like someone spit in your face, or something else that would be equally sacrilegious. I mean this with all sincerity your comments here about what the ladies at the other blog are bringing up makes me kinda glad I'm not LDS.

Carrie said...

Some of the questions are so ridiculous! It almost makes me think that she has better things to do with her time than answer them. Plus, are they really questions that should be answered? Still, very nice of her to do it;)

Deseret Slueth said...

you said:"The gospel makes me happy."
Argue with that. I dare you. Can I really? let me see if I get the logic of this statement. if something makes me happy then it is true. the Gospel makes me happy there for it must be true. is that right? Does that mean that the converse is true as well? if something doesn't make me happy then it is not true? because someone could say that the Gospel doesn't make me happy therefore it isn't true. then we have the law of non contradictions because something can't be true and not true at the same time.
Then happiness is conditional if X conditions are met then I am happy if X conditions are not met then i am not happy. also Happiness can be a choice. things didn't go my way so I can either feel sorry for myself or let it roll off me like water. Then there are also chemical imbalances which make it very difficult for people to feel happy about things that they want to feel happy about.
I'm not trying to make you question your faith. what i am doing is saying that the idea that your happiness is the best test for whether or not something is true is illogical. Lots of lies make people happy. In fact more often then not truths have the side affect of making people unhappy.

Raina said...

I now have to chime in due to the controversy.:) I do see and understand people who do agree with with you and don't. So yes I do agree.... don't blog when your upset with people or life. I do agree we are allowed feeling. Which do change daily on how we are feeling personally. We are all on our own journey. I have so much to learn in life and want to move forward instead of backward. Our cultural upbringing has a huge factor on how we perceive life.... which is great. We are American! Yes SOME of the questions were a bit weird or silly. Yes they were a bit boring for me too and I am LDS.:) Just because people are have silly/good questions concerns and get annoyed with people..... doesn't mean they are is called being human. Everyone is completely different. People makes mistakes everyday, whether your catholic, mormon, buddist, or agnostic. So to say I know some who is LDS and drinks.... honestly?! Sorry kind of off the subject.:) Just my two cents! Love yourself, care for people, find peace in your place in life and continue to grow and move forward. That is all :)

R. Marie Cluff said...
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Unknown said...

"Just because people are have silly/good questions concerns and get annoyed with people..... doesn't mean they are is called being human." I think this was a response to me, but I'm not sure, and I am not sure what your argument is. I think what you are saying is that 'Just because a person gets annoyed with questions or concerns posed by someone doesn't mean that person is LDS.' Is that right? That isn't what I meant by any means. I was pointing out that most of the comments on this post and the post itself were getting just plan mean. Now as Amy has said in her follow up post as a member of the LDS church there is a curtain amount of compassion that should be expected. And let's face it you all generally have a pretty good rep for being the kind of loving people that put Nicaea Orthodox Christians to shame. I was pointing out that you weren't living up to that rep.

the thing about the internet is that what we write is on display and that reflects back on what you have publicly connected yourself to. so my point in saying your comments made me glad I wasn't LDS was my way of saying you all aren't casting a very good light on your organization.

Unknown said...

I think its funny when women complain about all the small or big things in life. I dont think being lds matters in that regard. We all want to be able to relate and feel connected to one another is someway and sometimes unfortunately its comes in the form of whining and complaining