Thursday, April 14, 2011

You got paint on your face.

I paint faces on the weekends.

Face painting is a blast.

Confucious say "Find a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life."

I love looking forward to going to "work."

If I could do this full time, I would.

But I have to tell you
 I can't claim this one ---->

That particular design was done by the lovely Dani Williams, who I work for & with.
click on her name for our website.
do it.

The rest are my handiwork.

The only ones that are my original designs are the two on the upper right. Others were based on other designs.

Special thanks to my sweet  niece-y poo
  Miss B,
 my SIL Annette, 
and a little girl at a frozen yogurt event who agreed
 to let me take her picture.
Thanks for being my canvases.
Yep. I'm in there. Can ya spot me?

Oh, and I redid my blog layout. Again. I'm like the blog-redoing-junkie or something.


Darci Cole said...

I like the re-vamp :-)

And I think you are the one with flames on the jawline... I hope I'm right. It looks like you...

Meredith said...

sweet! i love getting my face painted. i wish B would sit still so i could paint 'staches on him daily too. ;)

Jessica said...

This is awesome. LOVE the blog re-do. Wanna help me do mine?

What I Did Today said...

I love how you're constantly changing it up! I've had a change in the works for a while. The face painting work is AWESOME! You are just full of all sorts of talents, aren't you? You can come paint my face anyday.

jen said...

My kids are LOVING THIS!! It is like a carnival every time you come over. :)

Carrie said...

Your blog is super cute again as usual;)

Maybe I can hire you to paint faces at my kids birthday parties. It's only a few thousand miles.